The barley contains protein, which is easyand almost everything is absorbed by the body, moreover it is considered a more useful protein compared to wheat. Fats are absorbed slowly. Therefore, the porridge is used for dietary nutrition in the postoperative period. In addition, in this crop, which is made from barley, contains a lot of vitamins A, E, D, PP. Of the mineral elements, iron, manganese, calcium and phosphorus are most important, which makes the porridge very useful for the elderly and weakened people.

It is necessary, of course, to know how much to cook a barley porridgeon time. But everything will depend on how much you take cereals, on what will be cooked, on water or milk. Generally, the preparation of barley porridge does not take a lot of time, and it brings a lot of benefits.

The barley porridge is low-calorie compared toother porridges. For those people who want to lose weight, but can not sit on a rigid diet, as a dietary dish used porridge, how to cook it for this purpose I'll try to tell. For this, we need to take twice as much water as the cuttings. Boil the water, slowly fill the rump and stir constantly, cook for about ten minutes until it thickens. Do not salt and do not fill it with oil. After cooking, wrap the pan with porridge for half an hour.

Barley porridge should be taken for breakfast, lunch anddinner with yogurt. Before eating for half an hour, drink a glass of boiled warm water. During the diet it is allowed to take only raw vegetables and fruits in small quantities. The barley diet can be observed for a week, then repeated after a month's break. The barley porridge will impart strength and energy, and, at the same time, due to low caloric content, lead to the loss of excess kilograms.

If there are no problems with excess weight, then for youanother barley porridge will do, how to cook it, and then bake in an oven to a ruddy crust, I think it will be interesting to know many. First, boil one liter of milk, fill up seven tablespoons of barley cereal and cook until thickened under the lid. Add the butter, sugar, walnuts, three raw eggs, mix everything and put it in a roasting dish. Top with an egg and sprinkle with sugar. Bake in the oven until golden brown. When serving, use cream. The prepared dish turns out to be high in calories, hearty and tasty.

It is important to know what kind of barley porridge, how to cook it,to save all useful properties. Such porridge contains many protein nutrients, but it is absorbed longer than other porridges. Therefore, the feeling of satiety remains for a long time. At the same time the digestion process is normalized, slags are removed, excess cholesterol from the body. The person rejuvenates, since the barley grain not only normalizes the stool, but also has a diuretic effect. It has a positive effect on hypertensive patients.

Barley porridge is used in folk medicinediseases of metabolism, with diseases of the stomach and liver. It well removes toxins and slags from the body, cleanses the intestines, removes decay products from the liver, has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-cancer effects.

It is most useful to cook it not on milk, but onwater. If you use for cooking barley crushed grain, which swells and grows in volume by a factor of five, then it should be cooked on water for about forty minutes until it is completely ready, preferably in a kettle or cast-iron dishes. And then put rebuk, pre-wrapped in a pot or kettle with porridge.

That at you always it turned out correctlycooked barley porridge, how to cook, bake, add it to the soup or stuff it with a bird or a pig should be remembered. In each case, there are special features in the preparation. When baking in porridge put a lot of butter and add cream, so it turned out nourishing and tasty. But when stuffing a pig or duck butter, do not put it at all and boil it on the water for several minutes.