Modern technology makes life very easyhousewife, and even more so a working woman, who still has a family. Agree, it is one thing, coming from work, to stand at the plate an amount of time during which you will not leave for a long time, and quite another - to lay down food, set the necessary regime and do other things (for example, do lessons with the child). Actually, such an opportunity is provided to interested people who have pleased us multivark.

Moreover, thanks to them they became available in the home cooking dishes, which previously required special equipment and a long time to use it - smoked meat, corned beef, etc.


Appetizing bacon from the point of view of the owner of multivarka

For a long time it was thought that this productis extremely harmful to health - they say, contains cholesterol and promotes a sharp obesity. After scientists popularly explained that bacon contains only "correct", not harmful cholesterol, and in many ways still helps the body, lovers of such provisions sighed with relief. But there was a very urgent question: where to get a well-prepared, tasty and suitable fat? In the multivark - that's the modern answer!

We bake with pleasure and without tension

It is not always possible to bake bacon, for example,in the oven, without loss of juiciness. Moreover, there are cases when it also burns up. All this can be avoided if baked bacon in a multivark. On a kilogram of the main product, take a pair of cloves of garlic, 3 bay leaves and two large spoons of salt. Coriander and pepper (both black and red) - according to your taste, and water needs 5 glasses (attached to your multivark).

how to smoke lard in a multivark

Before cooking, it is best to wash the fat thoroughly anddry with a towel or napkins. Love garlic - pompegujte im future delicacy. In a bowl, mix spices (if you want) with pepper and salt; crushed garlic - if desired, a broken lavrushka - be sure. The resulting composition should be rubbed the main product from all sides and put it in a sleeve. To fat in the multiquark turned juicy, the sleeve to tie on both sides should be especially diligent. This bundle is put in a container, water is poured into a saucepan, the container is put in place and the program "Steam cooking" is launched. Preparation will take an hour. When the magic device turns off, do not remove immediately - let it cool down inside. Only then the fat is extracted and in a usual package of polyethylene stacked for a day in the refrigerator. It turns out a delicious fat! In the multivariate, the process takes very little time, but without it one would have to work much longer.

Smoke without smokehouse

Even those who do not like the salty option, quitePositively refers to smoked bacon. However, at home, it is usually impossible to overcome the process by yourself. And to buy ready-made - and expensive, and there is no certainty in the result. In this situation, it is worth considering how to smoke lard in a multivark. Moreover, the procedure is not complicated, but the result is delicious.

how to cook lard in a multivariate

On a pound of fat (and take it better with meatinterlayers - not everyone likes a very greasy and not at all meat) will go spoons seven "liquid smoke", any combination of seasonings and salt. To smoke the fat in the multivark, spice and salt are added to the marinade, mixed and supplemented with half of the "liquid smoke". The fat is put down on this mixture, the rest is laid out on top, the residue of "smoke" pours out and water is added. A load is placed on top of it for two hours. At the end of the required time, the container is placed in the multivark, the "Quenching" mode is set (30 minutes). In order for the smoked bacon in the multivarker to fully reveal its taste, it must again be put in the refrigerator, at least for half an hour. The taste is amazing!

"Onion" joy

There is another way how to make lard inmultivarke, and unusually and very tasty. The main ingredient, again, is better to take with an interlayer. For the same kilogram will be a glass of stone (large) salt, a laurel, ground pepper (better limited to black), 2 large spoons of sugar, garlic and - the main ingredient - the husks of onions. She will need a couple of full handfuls.

delicious fat in the multivariate

Boiling water should be soaked hull, after whichwash it well. It is put in a multivariate bowl (somewhere half), on top - bacon, laurel and the remainder of the husk. In another vessel, marinade is made: boiling water + sugar + salt. The finished liquid is poured into the bowl and the extinguishing regime is set for one hour. Without taking out the contents, everything is left overnight for salting. In the morning, the fat is dried and rubbed with ground pepper, mixed with garlic. Almost finished product is wrapped in a film (or decomposed into packets) and hides in the freezer. The next day - eat served!