One of the most popular and trendy salads,which are most often ordered in restaurants and are prepared for home holidays, is considered "Caesar". Salad with chicken and a host of other ingredients is due to its unusual taste and simplicity in cooking. Let's try and we will master this wonderful salad.

History of salad

Once an Italian Americanorigin during the celebration of America's Independence Day was forced because of the sudden influx of hungry visitors to his restaurant to think about the question: "How to feed so many people?". The resourceful owner of the restaurant named Caesar Cardini decided to quickly build something from what was at hand. Lettuce leaves, boiled eggs, garlic, cheese and fried toasted chef dressed with olive oil and served on the table. Thus was born the classic "Caesar"! Salad with chicken, bacon, fish, shrimps and croutons, having acquired a huge number of different cooking options, spread quickly across the world. Today there are recipes even with nuts and pineapples.

How to prepare Caesar salad with chicken?

• Cut white bread (several slices) into strips and place on a baking sheet. Dry in the oven to get croutons.

• Prepare butter with garlic flavor. To do this, put the garlic (a pair of teeth) in the oil heated in a frying pan. When the oil is hot, remove the garlic.

• On this garlic oil, fry the croutons.

• One large bundle of salad soak in cold water for an hour. This is to ensure that the salad is crunchy. Then dry it.

• Chicken meat, cut into cubes, until ready to fry in vegetable oil. Salt.

• Cooked eggs (3 pieces) to clean and separate the yolks from the proteins. After that, yawn the fork with a fork until smooth.

• In the yolks pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice,a spoonful of mustard and squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic. Add vegetable oil (100 g) and salt, pepper and mix well. We made a salad dressing.

• Grate cheese (you can parmesan) on a grater.

• Tear the prepared salad with your hands and lay it on the bottom of the dish.

• Put one package of cherry tomatoes over the salad.

• Top with chicken.

• Pour the prepared dressing and stir the salad.

• Top with rusks

• "Caesar" - salad with chicken - it is necessary to sprinkle with cheese.

Another option: Caesar salad with chicken and mushrooms

For convenience, we will use the dosage in the volume of the glass.

• Boiled chicken meat, cut into strips (about 2 cups), mix with a green salad (about 6 glasses), tearing it with pieces.

• Boil and chop mushrooms (2 cupschampignons) and pour them into a container, in which you prepare a salad. Then send the cherry tomatoes (glass), which were previously cut into halves. Stir all together.

• Prepare the mayonnaise dressing. Incomplete glass of mayonnaise, grated cheese (half glass), lemon juice (a quarter of a glass), two finely chopped cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of anchovy paste (optional) in a small container and mix well.

• Pour the salad uniformly with mayonnaise dressing, cover it tightly and send to the refrigerator "Caesar". Salad with chicken and mushrooms will be ready in 4 hours.

• Stir the salad again before serving.

If you liked the very principle of preparing a salad "Caesar", then try to use fried prawns instead of mushrooms and chicken.

Stir fried bread with garlicsalad leaves, top-fried shrimp, then a large-grated Parmesan or other sort of hard cheese. The filling consists of: beaten raw egg, a mustard spoon, lemon juice, olive oil (about 100 ml), a spoonful of vinegar, pepper and salt. With this composition, pour the salad.

Try to come up with your original version of this salad.