If you accidentally found a home among the oldthings waffle iron, which more than once potryvala you with its crispy wafers in childhood, do not rush it to throw or give, because with its help you can cook at home very delicious flavored wafer tubules and please yourself and the children. Wafer tubules with condensed milk since Soviet times were a favorite delicacy of all children. Now in many stores you can buy this kind of sweets, but they do not go to any comparison with homemade pastries cooked by yourself.

Therefore, I want to offer you a classic recipe for wafer tubules with condensed milk, which my mother used in my "pink" childhood.

The recipe for wafer tubules.

For this we need the following ingredients:

- a pack of butter (200 g.)

- a glass of sugar

- eggs (five pieces)

- flour (one and a half cups)

For cream:

- a bank of condensed milk

- a pack of butter (200 g.)

So, directly preparing wafer tubules.

First, melt a pack of butter onslow fire, remove from heat and add sugar there, mix well, so that the sugar is completely dissolved. There also add whipped eggs and sifted flour. You can add vanillin or vanilla drops with different flavors to the dough, then the wafers are scented and even more attractive. To wafers turned thin and crunchy, you need to make the dough uniform without lumps, the consistency should be similar to liquid sour cream.

Before baking wafers you need a goodwarm up the waffle iron and smear with butter. The test should be poured a little, one tablespoon will be enough, because under the press it will spread out all over the surface of the waffle iron and then your wafer will be thin. The baking process is long enough if you want to make a lot of waffles, but children are usually actively involved in the process and, if age permits, they can actively help. I was very fond of doing it in my childhood, though, the kitchen was then difficult to clean from the test, but it was fun. When the wafer is browned, it can be removed and immediately rolled into a tube while it is hot.

When you have already prepared a mountain of fragrant crispytubules, you can start preparing the filling for them. The classic recipe for wafer tubules includes a filling of condensed milk. It is prepared as follows. Take a boiled condensed milk (or you can cook it yourself in advance, you need to cook for 1.5 hours) and a packet of butter. All this is mixed up to a homogeneous consistency. The filling is ready.

Now we fill the tubes with contents from the heart, you can sprinkle the filling from two sides with chopped nuts. Here is your imagination.

I fantasized a little, and decidedmodify the recipe for wafer tubules. Just added two tablespoons of cocoa powder to the dough, and I got chocolate tubes, which I filled with white custard. It turned out beautifully: light tubes with dark stuffing and languid straws with a light filling. Children were delighted!

And another time I tried to add cinnamon to the wafer dough, it also turned out interesting, but it's for the amateurs.

Wafers go very well just like that, even without the filling. Especially freshly cooked hot and crispy. It's divinely delicious!

Of these, you can also prepare a waffle cake withthe same stuffing. Just lubricate each layer with condensed milk, and put the wafers on each other, then leave it to soak for the night, it will become soft and very tender. Breakfast for tea is better than you can imagine.

Preparing desserts is always your imagination, and not just a recipe picked up on the Internet or a magazine. Try to mix different ingredients for the filling, you can also decorate in different ways.