It is difficult to imagine any feast without differentand very tasty salads. These dishes will be appropriate on weekdays. What is very convenient: you can prepare almost any salad in advance and leave to infuse in the refrigerator, why its taste will not only not suffer, but will improve. But sometimes the usual recipes get boring, and you want something new and unusual. Why not make an unusual salad with walnuts and chicken?

Chicken, prunes and nuts ...

Salad with walnuts and chicken
Preparation of this dish will take very littletime, but the result is sure to surprise everyone with whom you decide to share a meal. This recipe reminds something of the classic "Tenderness". Begin to prepare a salad with walnuts and chicken with the primary processing of ingredients. Prunes need to be soaked for a couple of minutes in boiling water, then rinse well and allow to dry, then cut into thin strips. The kernels of walnuts are crushed to a crumb. Cook the chicken and eggs until cooked. When they cool, remove the skin and shell, cut into small pieces. Cheese, too, cut into cubes or grind on a large grater, just do the sour apple. All components can be immediately mixed and refilled or layered, separated with mayonnaise. In this case, the sequence is as follows: chicken, cheese, egg, apple, prunes and nuts. Ready salad can be decorated with greens, before serving on the table it is recommended to clean in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours.

Salad «Chicken, walnuts, cheese and pineapple»

Chicken with walnuts salad
Very unusual and delicate salad can be cookedfrom chicken, pineapple and walnuts. Meat should be boiled until cooked or baked in the oven. Then cut into small pieces. You can pepper the chicken to taste. We spread the chopped meat as the first layer, we pour a little mayonnaise on it. Canned pineapples cut into small pieces, put on a chicken, and grease with mayonnaise. The next layer is eggs, they need to be hard-boiled and grated. Salad with walnuts and chicken will get tastier if the nuts that form the next layer are soaked in boiling water before grinding. After that, grate them on a fine grater or cut them. The last layer is grated cheese. If you lay out a salad on a flat dish, you can mask the cheese and the sides of the resulting slides. To ensure that the salad does not crumble, use a removable baking dish.

Fresh salad with walnuts and chicken

Salad Chicken Walnuts Cheese
To prepare this dish is very importantchop the nuts to a homogeneous state. Some housewives even use a coffee grinder or a special hand mill. The recipe involves mixing all the components, and not laying them out in layers, so we take a convenient container and cut all the products into it. Grind boiled chicken and boiled eggs. Then shred a thin strip of lettuce, but it can be replaced with a Beijing or an iceberg. To taste, you can add a little bit of other greenery - for example, dill or coriander. Add walnuts to the shredded components and mix. To give the dish spicy notes, sprinkle it with lemon juice. Before serving, add mayonnaise to the table and put a little rye croutons on top. This is a very beneficial combination - chicken with walnuts. Salad can also be made more nutritious if you add a little cheese to it.