Beautiful dishes, expensive serving and fashionabletablecloth does not always guarantee that your festive table will look great. Much depends on the appearance of the served. How to decorate festive dishes? Agree that the whole fried piglet and the baked fish are simply amazing. And the flowers, carved from vegetables and fruits, strike the imagination with its naturalness. Therefore, it is cold snacks and salads, skillfully decorated, will become the "highlight" of your festive feast, attracting guests' attention with original, vivid compositions. It all depends on your imagination and skill. If you do not know how to decorate salads and other dishes, get acquainted with the ancient art of artistic cutting for vegetables and fruits.

Carving - to help the chefs

Following the instructions from the special books, whichnow a huge variety on sale, you can easily comprehend this interesting science - carving. Especially this art is fascinating for children. A small knife can be trusted to a child aged 10-12 years old, and he will be happy to help you in preparing for the holiday. Work with him with decorative carvings, and you will get, no doubt, many positive emotions from work. First, you will learn how to decorate salads, snacks, dessert with children. Secondly, the children adore creativity and manual labor, where one can fantasize. Third - especially interesting moment for carving for a child will be "wasteless production", because "marriage" will instantly and with pleasure eat up.

"Snake". How to decorate 2013 salad-symbols?

One of the original ideas and mandatorythe attribute of serving the table was recently a salad - a symbol of the year. 2013 is the year of the snake, therefore, during the entire calendar period, and not only at the New Year's feast, the presence of this dish will be appropriate. Usually, the same ingredients are used to decorate a dish, of which a salad is made. There are a lot of design options. Perhaps you have no idea how to decorate salads. Photos in this article will help you choose one of the following ways:

1. Yellow snake. For sprinkling the yolk of a boiled egg or cheese grated on a fine grater is used. Red "ridge" - any berries: cranberries, cranberries or viburnum. As a lawn is used greens, for example, parsley.

how to decorate salads
2. Dark green snake. The shell consists of circles of salted cucumber, corn kernels and olives. Crown and tongue are carrots.

how to decorate salads photo

3. Light green snake. This is an option for processing fruit and vegetable salad. Use kiwi mug, lettuce leaves and fresh cucumber. Eyes are made of protein boiled eggs and olives. Mouth - a bright fruit or a tomato.

how to decorate festive dishes

Agree that now you will not arisequestions about how to decorate salads and other dishes. In addition, it's so exciting - to invent wonderful images and embody them in reality! Probably, you already had an idea about what the next year will be like? Time to prepare for serving the thematic New Year's table abound. Fantasize, invent and surprise guests with beautiful delicacies!