Rice is the unrivaled king of Asian cuisine, hisit is easy to concoct not only on the stove, but also in the microwave. Not everyone realizes that there are a lot of amazing and exquisite ways of cooking this simple dish. Consider options for useful recipes from rice, which you can pamper your family by spending a minimum amount of time.

Rice in microwave oven

Cook rice in a microwave oven

To get a tender and juicy garnish to youYou need a glass of rice, 2 cups of water, salt, spices. You can take any kind of rice. The usual round-grain rice (Krasnodar), long-grain rice (basmati) will do. Japanese rice is cooked in the same way.

To start with, rinse thoroughly withcold water until it becomes transparent. In a container for a microwave oven, pour a glass of cereals. Suitable porcelain or glass dish. The main thing is that the container is roomy, because the rice during cooking will increase significantly in volume.

Fill the rice with water, making sure that it is completelycovered the grain, otherwise the dish will burn or stick to the dishes. Add salt and spices the way you like. Fans of fast food can add a chicken cube. You can also put a handful of prunes or raisins - depending on your individual preferences. In the same way, you can cook rice with corn. Then cover the container with a glass lid and send the dish into the microwave.

Set the timer to 12 minutes - this is enough,to make a delicious friable pilaf. If you want to get a more delicate and juicy taste - put the time for 15 minutes. After the sound signal, you can still leave the rice for 10 minutes, then carefully, not to burn yourself, get the plate. Mix the prepared dish with a shovel or use a fan for quick cooling.

Add a spoonful of vegetable oil or sour cream. You can mix rice with turmeric to give the dish a gently yellow shade, sprinkle with herbs or put green peas. Your rice is ready in the microwave.

Rice with corn

There are different options for mouth-wateringrecipes, the main ingredient of which is rice. It will also be more convenient and quicker to cook in an electric torch. Let's consider some interesting and simple variants.

Rice in a microwave with fruit

To prepare this original dish youyou need two glasses of boiled rice, a spoonful of sugar, a spoon of butter, fruit, walnuts. In the dish put cooked in advance croup, layers alternating with fruits, walnuts, dates. At the end, put rice again. Place the plate in the microwave for 10 minutes, baking at maximum power. The food is simply delicious.

Bukhara Plov

To prepare a classic version of pilafboil a glass of rice. In the finished grain, add washed raisins, pre-fried carrots and onions, butter. Pour mass with a glass of hot salted water, pepper to taste. Cook in an electric appliance for 8 minutes at an average power. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then serve a fragrant oriental pilaf to the table.

Japanese rice

So, to cook rice in a microwave is a simple and uncomplicated occupation. Good mood, a little imagination and creativity - and the original and useful dish is ready to please your family and friends.