For many, lard is a favorite product. Despite the fact that it consists of pure fat, it has a mass of nutrients. For example, arachidonic, linoleic, palmitic acids, vitamins and carotene. In small amounts, lard is very useful. For snacks, lunches and even breakfasts it is an indispensable product. Of course, you can buy it in a store or on the market. But it's best to cook by yourself. How to pickle bacon so that the skin is soft, we will tell in this article.

Choose a fresh fat

The taste of the ready-made dish depends to a large extent onquality of the starting product. Here are some tips on how to choose it correctly. The opinion is erroneous that the thicker the fresh fat, the more delicious it will be. For pickling it is better to choose pieces not thicker than 4-5 centimeters. More voluminous will be suitable for greasing.

How to pickle lard so that the skin is soft
When buying, you need to pay attention to the color of fat. It must be white. Pink color indicates a substandard cutting of the carcass, in which the blood spoils the product. It is better to take pieces from ribs that are more tender. The skim of good fat has a slightly yellowish taste and smells of burnt straw. A fresh product is easily punctured with a match. If it is sticky and wiry, then it is better to refuse to buy. Be sure to pay attention to the smell of the product. He should not smell of drugs or urea. Choosing a good product, you can pick up lard so that the skin is soft.

The easiest way

The cooking process is simple and availablealmost anyone. How to pick lard so that the skin is soft? We cut the product into pieces that easily fit into the package. Then cut each piece crosswise from the soft side. In these notches we place pieces of garlic. For salting we use only large salt. Well rub each piece of salt and put the fat in a bag, which is then tightly knotted so that the juice does not leak. Leave the product at room temperature for three days. Then we move it to the refrigerator for 4 days. It should be well salted and inside become white, not pink. Then we clean the remains of salt and remove the fat in the freezer or refrigerator, if it is not enough. It turns out a very delicious product. This is the easiest way to pick salo so that the skin is soft. Photos of the finished product can be viewed below.

How to pickle lard so that the skin is a soft photo

Salo with garlic

Garlic and lard are two products that are goodare combined with each other. For cooking, take four good heads of garlic, salt, pepper and 2 kg of fresh fat. Garlic is cleaned and crushed. Mix it with salt and pepper and rub this mixture with prepared slices. Put the product in layers in an enamel saucepan, pouring a fragrant mixture. The lid is closed and put the container in a cold place for 4 days. After this, the dish will be ready for use. We clean the salt and eat. If you do not know how to pick lard so that the skin is soft, then this is the most suitable recipe.

Salo in brine

This is another traditional way of pickling, whichapply many housewives. It will take 500 grams of fat, salt, garlic, bell pepper, water and sweet pepper. Pour into a pan one liter of water and add to it five large spoons of salt. We boil and turn off the water, and dissolve the salt. Next, we put in the brine the chopped garlic and two kinds of pepper. Cooled liquid poured prepared and folded into the jar pieces. Leave them for three days in the refrigerator. Then the product can be eaten. This recipe should be taken as a note if you want to learn how to pickle bacon so that the skin is soft. The advice of craftsmen shows that it can be stored in the refrigerator for a very long time.

Salt the fat so that the skin is soft

Salo in Ukrainian

In Ukraine, this is a national treasure, soHere they know how to pickle bacon so that the skin is soft. Recipes are very numerous, but we take the simplest and most affordable. The main product is cut into pieces and we cut them. Then we dissolve in a liter of water a glass of large table salt. Take the pan and lay out on the bottom pieces of garlic, bay leaf, peppercorn and rosemary. We put bacon on top. So repeat the layer by layer until the food runs out. Then pour all the brine and cover the pan with a lid. Store the product first at room temperature, and then remove it into the refrigerator.

How to pick lard so that the skin is soft recipes

Fat in onion husk

To give the fat a pleasant brown tint andunusual taste, use onion husks. This is an excellent way to pick salo so that the skin is soft. As usual, we prepare lard by cutting it into large pieces and making cuts on the surface. Then we wash the onion husks and spread it into a pot of water. Bring the contents to a boil and add half a glass of salt (per liter of water), bay leaf, fragrant pepper, cumin, rosemary and lard. Cook the product for about 10 minutes. Then turn off the fire and cool the contents of the pan, without pulling out the fat from there. We clean everything in the refrigerator for a day. Then we take out the fat and dry it for 20 minutes. During this time we prepare a mixture of crushed garlic and pepper. We rub the fat with this mixture and put it into bags. In a day our product will be ready. It turns out a delicious flavored lard.

How to pick lard so that the skin was soft advice of craftsmen

If you take as a basis the proposed recipes, you canget a delicious and nutritious snack. Add to your recipes your ingredients (herbs and spices), which will give the fat an unusual taste and aroma. Remember that this product can not be over-salted. Salo will take the salt exactly as much as necessary.