Eggplants are one of the most useful vegetables thatcontain a huge amount of vitamins, microelements. They are very rich in vitamins A, B, C, P. It is also one of the few vegetables in which there are magnesium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other trace elements that are no less necessary for humans. Eggplants are necessary for those who monitor the level of cholesterol in the blood, and the potassium and magnesium contained in it are needed for good functioning of the heart.

aubergine in the multivark
They are good in any form: boiled, stewed, fried. Particularly great is the cooked eggplant in the multivarquet. These vegetables are not only useful, but also very tasty. You just need to cook properly to keep all the vitamins. Cooking in the multivarker just allows you to do it quickly and save vitamins.

We start to prepare eggplant in a multivariate. Recipes can be found in culinary magazines. We take aubergines - two pieces, a small vegetable marrow, two large tomatoes, homemade mince, onion, sour cream, salt, pepper, vegetable oil for frying. Eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes cut into mugs. To the eggplant did not have a bitter taste, it is better to hold this vegetable in cool, salted water for a little while, literally about five minutes. Then it and zucchini slightly fry in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

We start to prepare eggplant in a multivariate. At the bottom of the pan we put

Eggplant in Multivariate Recipes
oiled paper. And begin to lay the layers of vegetables: eggplant, zucchini, toast minced with onion, zucchini, tomatoes, on top again eggplant. Each layer must be salted, and pepper a little. Top with sour cream or homemade mayonnaise. We choose the program "Baking" and time - twenty minutes.

You can cook and just one eggplant inmultivark. To do this, cut this vegetable into circles, soak it in cool water for five minutes and put it in a bowl with a small amount of vegetable oil. In this case, the "Quenching" program is suitable, and the cooking time is fifteen minutes. Such eggplants are served well with vegetable salad, steamed chicken, baked chicken.

eggplants with potatoes in the multivariate
Tasty and eggplant with potatoes inmultivark. This dish will require four large potatoes, onion-turnip, medium eggplant, spices. Vegetables are peeled, cut into cubes. Cut the onion rings. In the pan, add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Then we put vegetables in there, onions on top. For juiciness, you should add a little bit of mayonnaise, spices, salt to taste. We select the program "Quenching", and set the timer for fifteen minutes. When the dish is ready, put it on a plate, decorating it with finely chopped greens.

Welded eggplant in a multivarque can then bepickle. It will be a very original and peculiar hot snack. You just need to boil the vegetable, add a little vinegar, juice garlic cloves, mix well, let stand. This snack is good for boiled potatoes. Prepared in various ways eggplant in a multivark allows you to diversify the table, surprising your loved ones with unusual, tasty, healthy dishes.