Rostov-on-Don, like many big citiesRussia, is surprised by the variety of restaurants. There are chic establishments for banquets, and there are small, cozy places for family rest. A huge number of tourists accept hospitality Rostov-on-Don. Good restaurants will always evoke a heightened interest not only among visitors, but also among the residents of the city. We offer you the necessary information about the best institutions of Rostov-on-Don. Addresses, features, menu - all that you need to know to have a great rest.

Rostov on Don good restaurants

Favorite places to relax

Today we will tell about the most popularrestaurants of Rostov-on-Don. In our review, we have included institutions that meet the following criteria: well-cooked and varied food; courteous staff; reasonable prices and comfortable atmosphere. So, we begin:

  • Cinema Restaurant. His address - Budennovskiy prospect, 59. The unusual design of the restaurant makes it one of the most favorite places to relax. Huge stained glass windows and a glass dome create an atmosphere of lightness and relaxation. Lights turn up here, and beautiful live music sounds. The menu offers the best dishes of European cuisine. Weddings, anniversaries, family celebrations and memorable events - everything can be noted at the highest level. Opening hours are from 07.00 to 02.00.
  • Restaurant "Atamanskaya Usadba". An institution is located on the street Levoberezhnaya, house 8B. This is not just a restaurant, here you will plunge into the original world of the Russian Cossacks. The institution consists of three floors. On the first of the windows you can see a pond with swans and water lilies. The second floor accommodates about two hundred people. Its magnificence is amazing: unique furniture, antique stove, colored stained-glass windows and much more. There are many ancient things here. If you want to relax in a more chamber and romantic atmosphere, then on the third floor there are two small halls. In the evenings a Cossack ensemble performs, which with its songs and dances creates a unique atmosphere.
  • Restaurant "Legends of the Caucasus." The establishment with the national cuisine is conveniently located in the heart of the city - on Kayani street, 11B. Any day here you can enjoy the best dishes of Caucasian and European cuisine. It is worth coming here once and for all to leave your heart here. Cute lights, gentle curtains, picturesque murals, a fireplace, a hedge of live grapes and much more that will please your gaze. If for any reason you can not come here yourself, then you can always order any dishes with home delivery. Fans of karaoke will also be satisfied, for them - professional equipment and live sound. The average bill is from five hundred rubles.
  • Restaurant "RIS". In the city there is a whole network of institutions with the same name. It is very difficult to find a local resident who would not have been here. Pleasant interior, aquariums with fish, fast service and delicious food attract a large number of visitors. People like to come here to relax after a day's work.

the best restaurants in Rostov on Don reviews

Budget institutions of the city

Testimonials of visitors convince that amongestablishments that the city of Rostov-on-Don offers, good restaurants are not only expensive, but also those that are accessible to wide sections of the population. These include:

  • Restaurant "The Cow". His address - Gazetny Lane, 84. Here you will be offered a large number of dishes from meat and offal. There are about ten kinds of live beer in the menu. A pleasant atmosphere is complemented by live music.
  • Where can I go for lunch with children? Rostov-on-Don (good restaurants also provide a children's menu) offers to visit the entertainment complex "Tet-A-Tet." Your children will be here under the supervision of skilled workers. There are swings, attractions, slides - everything that kids love so much. Pleasantly happy quality service.

best Rostov restaurants on don list

Best restaurants of Rostov-na-Donu: list

Many residents of the city respond positively to the following institutions:

  • Restaurant "Cossack Kuren" - street Livoberezhna, house 5.
  • "The Public", Maxim Gorky, 151.
  • Restaurant "Fish" - located on Beregovaya street, 23 A.
  • "Kinza" - Maxim Gorky Street, 151.
  • The restaurant "Paris" is located at: Budennovskiy lane, 97.
  • "Macau" - st. Red Army, 168.

In Rostov-on-Don, there are other institutions that enjoy the well-deserved sympathy of visitors. Every inhabitant of the city has his favorite places, where he can have a good rest.

full list of restaurants and cafes in Rostov-on-Don

Menu and prices

The inhabitants of the city know a lot about entertainment and good food. What does Rostov-on-Don offer? Good restaurants, which are covered in the article, offer in the menu:

  • "Ataman Manor" - an institution in whichthe bright pages of the history of the Cossacks come to life. The most popular dishes of visitors: kurik - 110 rubles; stuffed carp - 150; sausages in the Cossack style - 200; julienne of mushroom -250; shulum from mutton - 550.
  • Restaurants "RIS". The menu includes: rolls from 220 rubles; salads; a beef medallion - 550 r; squid in crispy breading - 270; Pork sausages with potatoes in meat sauce - 250.
  • Restaurant "Cow": julienne with chicken and mushrooms - 175 rubles; beef kidneys - 255; duck leg - 435; lamb kebab - 375.

Best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don: reviews

Visitors note that in many institutionscities live music. The waiters are always friendly and polite, and the cuisine is varied and tasty. The best restaurants in Rostov-on-Don (reviews and addresses can be found in the article) - it's always coziness and comfort. Here you come to recharge positive emotions and taste delicious food. Here you get acquainted with interesting people and have a good time.

the best Rostov restaurants on donu reviews and addresses


In one article it is impossible to tell about allinstitutions of the city. A full list of restaurants and cafes in Rostov-on-Don will be very long. But those institutions, which were discussed in the article, are worthy of your attention.</ span </ p>