Parents do their best to please the children. The easiest way to do this is with the help of sweets, which you can, of course, buy in the store, and you can cook yourself. Cakes, cakes, creams, - there are many ways that allow very quickly and simply enough to create a delicious sweet dish. One example is the chocolate sausage recipe.

All that is needed for the embodiment of allfavorite sausages, it's cookies (1 kg), butter (1 packet), sugar (glass). The oil is slightly melted and mixed with sugar until a homogeneous mass is obtained. In order to get a chocolate sausage, the recipe suggests using a mixture of cocoa (1.5 tablespoons), half a glass of water, eggs and half a cup of sugar. Both mixtures are combined and heated to 37 ° C. It is necessary that the mass become a little more liquid and more easily soaked in the added biscuits. To get exactly chocolate sausage, the recipe is completed by wrapping the mass spread on cellophane. The curded sausage is placed in a refrigerator and waits until it freezes. The table can be served as a dessert, cut into slices.

Some housewives cook sausage for a bitdifferently. For the preparation mix milk and oil, bring to a boil and remove, add crushed cookies, walnuts and cocoa. All thoroughly mixed and the resulting mass is wrapped in cellophane or foil.

Chocolate recipes are a huge section incooking. Here you can find not only cakes, cookies, mousses, but also the most unexpected recipes in which chocolate seems to have no place. To talk about chocolate, you need to know the recipe for its preparation.

The easiest recipe for making chocolate inhome conditions involves the use of cocoa powder (1-2 teaspoons), butter (100 g), milk powder, sugar. In a separate bowl, sugar syrup is cooked, and at this time, soft butter is mixed with cocoa powder and dry milk until a uniform mass is obtained. The mixture is poured hot sugar syrup, brought to a boil with stirring, then removed from the fire. This recipe for making chocolate can be considered complete. For a change, you can add your favorite nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and others - all at the request of the cook. It should be noted that chocolate can be eaten both hot and cold, but hard it will not work, so it is poured into a beautiful dish in a hot form. Since it will have a pasty consistency, it is perfect for making home-made cakes and cakes. If you want to make chocolate more liquid, instead of dry milk use a solid.

It is impossible to list all the chocolate recipes,so one, but very delicious way of making a cake will be described. To begin with, prepare the chocolate according to the above recipe. In this case, use whole milk (half cup), butter (1 packet or 200 grams), cocoa powder (4 tablespoons), flour, egg (4 pieces), vanilla, raisins and nuts. So, first we prepare the chocolate according to the previous recipe. A little chocolate is left to decorate the cake, and the rest is put to cool. During this time, sift flour and mix it with a baking powder. Separately beat the eggs. All the ingredients are mixed, add nuts, vanilla, washed and dried raisins and put in the oven. The cake is baked at 180 C for an hour. Ornaments are chosen to taste, but it is better to use chocolate icing, which in this case was separated at the very beginning, or powdered sugar.

Chocolate sausage, the recipe of which is given above,chocolate cake, cake, cake - all this can be cooked, if you show patience and imagination. The main advantage of home cooking is the use of fresh products. This gives confidence in the quality of the product obtained and in that no one will suffer from an incorrect expiration date. It is especially advantageous to prepare chocolate by yourself, because the chocolate pastes that are sold in the store contain many additives, some of which can hardly be called useful. Therefore, cook and please your loved ones.