Culinary specialists around the world widely use varioussauces when preparing their masterpieces. Correctly selected sauce gives the dish a new, unusual taste. There are several classic versions of sauces that are used as a basis for creating others. Sauce sour cream with garlic can be attributed to the traditional recipes of cooking.

In order to prepare it in basic form,it does not take much time and ingredients. All components of this sauce is always in stock with any housewife. So, take sour cream, which will be the basis for our sauce. We clean garlic and, squeezing it through the press, add it to the bowl with sour cream. Further all the ingredients are according to your desire. Salt and pepper are also mandatory spices in this recipe.

Sour cream with garlic may include other ingredients, but the above are basic. Then you can prepare its various options.

Take about 200 grams of sour cream and add to itcut into small pieces or passed through a special garlic press. Then just chop the greens of dill and parsley and pour into the bowl with the rest of the products. Then squeeze out the lemon juice and pour white pepper, salt and black pepper to taste. All is very well mixed. The sauce can be served to the table. It is perfectly combined with seafood, fish, potatoes and salads from mussels, shrimps and squid.

You can choose a sauce with garlic and sour cream. Take a tablespoon of flour and fry it on a certain amount of butter. Add to it 200 grams of sour cream and finely chopped parsley and basil. We clean a few small cloves of garlic and squeeze it through a special press into the sauce. The rest of the ingredients (sugar, salt and pepper) must be poured into the sauce to your taste. The amount of garlic and spices depends on how much the spicy dish you like. This sauce can be served to a pizza.

Sour cream with tomato is not exactlya habitual combination. But mixing these two main ingredients, you can get an amazing taste. For its preparation we take two or three medium tomatoes and blanch them. Slightly cut them crosswise and lower them into boiling water for one minute. Then put the tomatoes in a container of cold water. After this procedure, they can easily separate the skin. Next, finely chop the onion and a few medium cloves of garlic and fry them in olive oil. Finely shred tomatoes and also send them to a pan. Reduce the heat and simmer under the lid for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, you need to mix in the same proportions sour cream, mayonnaise (not fatty) and tomato paste. Add this mixture to the pan. And then salt and pepper to your liking. Before you turn it off, put the finely chopped basil leaves and dried oregano. Turn off the sauce, it's ready. This sauce fits perfectly to the dishes of poultry and pasta.

An ingredient like horseradish can add saucepiquant taste and some sharpness. Therefore, we propose to prepare sour cream sauce with horseradish and serve it to any meat dish, and especially to the jellied and chill. First you need to rub the horseradish root, about 100 grams. Then fry it a little in vegetable oil. To hell we add 30 grams of vinegar, bay leaf, and also salt to taste. Then we give this mixture a little nap. We make classic sour cream sauce. Mix it with horseradish and seasonings to make a homogeneous mixture, and cook a little, about five minutes. Everything, the sauce is ready.

Today, to facilitate the work of cooks and simplythose who like to cook, many manufacturers produce different sauces. They need only add to any dish. But the sour cream sauce with garlic, cooked by own hands, will seem tastier. In addition, it can add any ingredients, creating new, unique tastes.