Without fat, Ukrainian cuisine can not be imagined.Even if there is an abundance of other authentic dishes on the table, it will still seem inferior. And although this product is used and is prepared in many other national cuisines, salted salad recipes are traditionally the most popular in Ukraine. Among them you can find boiled-salted, and salted-smoked options. And only the saline versions, you can say, millions. Those who think that this is too fatty and rather tasteless product, can test their beliefs by cooking lard in Ukrainian. The recipe we will tell you, and not one, so you can try for many months, never having repeated in taste.

fat in Ukrainian recipe

The right choice is the key to success

Those who want to make a delicious fatin Ukrainian, recipes (all to one) are strongly advised to take a very picky approach to the choice of the product itself. If you make a mistake when buying, no further tricks of your cooking will save. Take freshness and ways to determine it is not so much, so it's easy to remember them:

  1. The color of the fat is necessarily white or pinkish. Gray and yellow indicate that it is "lying" or removed from the old animal.
  2. An ordinary pointed match should easily pierce a piece. Resistance when entering suggests that fat is present in streaks and fibers. Especially delicious it will not work.
  3. The thinner the skin, the more tender the fat. And the skin should not be stiff, it should easily bend.
  4. Taking fat in "wild" markets is much more dangerous than other products. If you do not want to struggle with all sorts of parasites for a long time and tediously, check the presence of the stamp of the veterinary check on the skin.
  5. Salt is used only large, stone. Neither the dining room "Extra" nor iodized is suitable.

Choosing the right, mouth-watering piece, you can start to process it.

fat in Ukrainian recipes

"Rural" way of salting

It was on him from the earliest times that fat was preparedin Ukrainian. The recipe includes only the main product and salt (if desired, you can add nutritional saltpeter, but this is by no means an obligatory condition). Large pieces of fat are scraped to clean possible contaminants. You can not wash it categorically. If you use saltpeter, mix a kilogram of salt with a spoon of this additive. Slices of fat are cut to the skin, fan, rubbed with salt. In the sections it is poured very generously. The bottom of the container for salting is also sprinkled with a layer of salt. On it, pieces are laid down. The next layer of fat is placed already with the skin upwards - and so until the bucket or tub is filled. Above put oppression and capacity hides in the cool for a month. Measure a certain amount of salt is not necessary - fat will take only what is needed. When it is ready, it is packed in linen bags or gauze and is hung in the pantry.

fat in Ukrainian recipe

Dry salted salted salmon

The above is a simple way of the uncrossedcooking. True, it is designed almost to industrial scale. If you cook delicacy not for the future, and just eat it, and even respect the spicy dishes, use another recipe for Ukrainian fat. A kilogram of a product is cut by suitable pieces or ribbons, cuts are made in it, where halves of garlic lobules are inserted. The fat itself is rubbed with salt with spices (for five spoons of salt - half a spoonful of white and red peppers, whole - black ground, a spoon of coriander and cloves plus five finely chopped laurel leaves). Pieces are densely packed in a container (skin to skin) and left for a day right in the kitchen. After five days put in the fridge - and you can start tasting.

recipe for cooking Ukrainian fats

Brine recipe

To some people, the result of dry salting seemsharsh. Others doubt that without a liquid, the product will qualitatively be prepared. For such skeptics - a recipe for Ukrainian fat in brine. Since it still has to be "wetted", large bars of the original product are carefully washed. It is prepared to fill: in a liter of water, salt is divorced (preferably sea, two spoons with a slide), a few peppercorns are poured in, five leaves of laurushka, six garlic cloves and a tablespoon of ground sweet pepper. The brine volume is enough for about one and a half kilograms of fat. His slices are dipped in a saucepan and pressed down for three days, in a cool. Then the salted bacon recipe "in Ukrainian" tells the product to dry, rub with pepper and garlic - and you can prepare a snack.

Homemade spicy fat

Is prepared and not in brine, and not dry.And it turns out very tasty fat in Ukrainian. The recipe for the preparation of the first steps prescribes already familiar: scrape, cut large, cut incisions of garlic, not stingy, rub it with salt. And here comes the innovation: two spoons of acute adzhika are mixed with four - grain mustard, and this composition is well coated with all the slices. Then they are rammed into a container and criss-crossed with cranberries or cranberries. The dish is tightly closed and exposed to cold for five days. The taste of the final product is masterpiece!

salted salad recipe in Ukrainian

Almost smoked bacon

It is clear that the smokehouse is not available to everyone. And the smoked lard is pleasant to many. Urban residents in this situation is very useful recipe for cooked fat in Ukrainian. The chosen slice in kilogram by weight is cut in large pieces. Water is poured into the enameled large container; as it boils - poured a spoonful of salt, five lavrushek, as many squashed chives of garlic and peppercorns (calculation per liter of water). For about five minutes, the brine must leave. Then, two handfuls of washed onion husks are poured into it and lard is pawned. It will be cooked for two hours. How to get a golden "tan" and it will be easy to poke - it is removed, dried, rubbed with a spicy mixture (five crushed garlic, a spoonful of salt and half a spoonful of pepper) and for a day hides in the refrigerator in wrapped form.

recipe for Ukrainian lard in brine

Super Speed ​​Cooking

It's not for lovers to wait for sure"Canned" Ukrainian bacon: a recipe, guarantees that it will be ready in a maximum of five hours. The slice is cut by strips and the fat is folded into an ordinary three-liter jar, sprinkled with salt, pounded garlic and, if you like, with spices (for example, the "For Fat" set). Dishware is poured with steep boiling water, tightly closed with a polyethylene lid and heat wrapped around. When the brine completely cools down, the fat is put in the freezer for an hour - and the cooking is finished.

recipes for pickling lard in Ukrainian


Under this name there is another curiousway to cook lard in Ukrainian. The recipe assumes the use of an oven. A piece is chosen necessarily with an interlayer, this is the name in Ukraine. Salo is generously rubbed with a mixture of salt and pepper, black and red. In the fan-cut ribbon, cuts are made, into which garlic and carrot sticks are piled. At the bottom of the baking tray, a little water is poured - to soften the skins. Pecherovina goes to the oven, until it gets reddened. Then, wrapped in a morgue, slightly freezes in the freezer, cut with plates and put on the table.

Ukrainian rolls

Very interesting in cooking and convenient inuse "portioned" fat in Ukrainian. The recipe is very simple. The main thing for complete success is to choose not too fat (up to three centimeters in height) fat and cut it with narrow and not too long strips. For a better millet, you must again make cross cuts to the skin. Each tape is rubbed with salt from all sides and sprinkled with crushed garlic with pepper and on the side of the pulp. Especially diligently processed slot-notches. Each strip is tightly folded; You can tie roulades with food floss. The resulting "rings" are more densely folded into a closable container and put up for a day in salinity for coolness.

Fragrant bacon

As you can see, it is not so difficult to prepare baconin Ukrainian! Recipes are quite "liberal" and completely tolerate experiments with variation of spices. For example, if you like fragrant dishes, then try a method of dry salting with cumin, cardamom, dill and marjoram. Well, and, of course, indispensable garlic. Note: the herbs should be dried and shredded - blender or in a mortar. Garlic is also squeezed out, it is taken necessarily, but according to your tastes, you can quite a bit. Three glasses of salt mixed with a glass of seasonings and stand out at least a day - for mutual impregnation. Then the composition is rubbed into chopped pieces, it is poured onto the bottom of the vessel and poured over the fat. In three days - a pleasant appetite!