Pork is a very popular product. It is used all over the world for cooking various dishes. Therefore, there are a lot of recipes using pork. We'll talk about baked pork. This dish is suitable for any occasion. They can please their relatives or invite guests to a festive meal.

Baked pork with cheese is a delicious,a festive dish that is prepared very easily. To make it? We need 500 grams of pork without bones. Meat should be washed and dried using a paper towel. 200 grams of mushrooms, you can take champignons, we process and cut with plates. Pork cut the layers and fry on each side until a brown crust. The same action is done with mushrooms. After that, add half a glass of wine to the meat with mushrooms (we take red, dry) and wait until it evaporates. Then add a little broth. After the meat is fried, put it into the form, in which we bake. On top of each piece of pork, put a slice of ham, and then a slice of cheese. We send the form with meat to the oven. Cook until the cheese melts.

The recipe for baked pork is a whole piece, of course,is the decoration of any table. Choose for this loin or rump, which is suitable for baking. We rub it with salt, if desired, with pepper (I advise you to choose black ground, it gives a fine aroma) and any seasonings. Also we clean garlic and cut it into smaller pieces. We make cuts in meat and stuff it with garlic cloves. For roasting, a brazier is better. We put into it a prepared piece of meat and put it in the oven. We set the temperature at 250 degrees and cook for 30 minutes. Then turn the meat over and reduce the temperature to 170 degrees. After an hour and a half we take the pork out of the oven. During the whole process of cooking, it is sometimes necessary to water the meat of the juice that was released during frying.

This recipe for baked pork providesPreparation of sauce. In the juice obtained during frying, add a tablespoon of flour and 100 ml of cream. Salt and pepper are used at will. We wait until the liquid evaporates a little. Then you need to strain the sauce and add the chopped garlic and lemon juice into it. This is not a very difficult recipe. Baked pork will be enough to arrange a delicious dinner for the whole family. We pour it with sauce and serve with garnish and vegetables.

This dish, like pork baked with pineapple,can be cooked without much trouble. We take pork without bones and cut it in portions. Then you need to slightly repel it. After that, sprinkle each piece with pepper and salt. You can also add any spices. On the baking sheet spread the foil and lay out the meat on it. On top put rings of onions, circles of fresh tomato and a ring of pineapple. We close the foil and put it in the oven. We cook 30 minutes. After this time, open the foil and rash on top of the meat grated cheese. In the middle of the pineapple, you can put one olive for beauty. We put again in the oven and wait for the cheese to melt. We take the dish and serve it on the table. An unusual combination of pineapple and pork gives an excellent taste. This is a very original recipe for baked pork. If desired, you can pre-marinate meat in juice from pineapple.

And lastly one more simple recipe bakedpork. We take the fillet and cut it into strata. Fry them in a frying pan and lay them on a baking tray. In the same pan fry sliced ​​mushrooms with onions and add sour cream to them. We put this mixture on meat and put it into the oven. We get it and serve it on the table. The meat under the fur coat turns out juicy and gentle. Choose a suitable recipe and please your friends with delicious and beautiful culinary creations.