At the mention of the word "library" many of usrepresent a huge number of shelves with books, as well as reading rooms in which you can read the latest press or do self-education. In any case, for a large number of people this is a place in which peace and quiet reign. But if you come to Perm, you will think completely differently. After all, there is a bar with the name "Library". Today you will learn that in this institution can be very noisy and fun. Let's start our acquaintance with this interesting place.

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Library bar: features

It turns out that books can be read not only in a quietplace, but also where music sounds, smoke a hookah and offer alcoholic beverages. The interior of the establishment is very impressive. In the hall there are bookshelves on which books lie and stand. Among them there are foreign and domestic authors. Genres are very diverse: detectives, adventures, philosophical literature, etc. There are soft furniture, tables, chairs. On the big screen of the TV you can watch and listen to music programs. Despite the fact that the situation is very simple and democratic, it is very comfortable. In this unique place, each visitor is busy with his own business. Someone reads a book, some listen to music, while others communicate with each other.

For all visitors in the bar "Library" (Perm)pass contests, surprises. Anyone present here can win a nice gift from the establishment or take advantage of tempting promotions and offers. For example, from Sunday to Thursday you can order a hookah at a special price.

Bar "Library" (Perm): the menu

Many people go to such institutions not onlyto listen to good music and spend pleasant time with friends, but also to eat deliciously. What do they offer in the menu bar "Library" (Perm)? A large number of a variety of varieties of beer. And what kind of foam drink does it cost without snacks to it? In the bar you will be offered chips and nuts, squid and other seafood, as well as a wide variety of European dishes. You will not go away hungry from here.

Address and opening hours

The favorite institution of the townspeople is in Leninsky district, on Pushkin street, in house 15. The opening hours of the bar are as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday: 18: 00-02: 00;
  • Friday - Saturday: 18: 00-05: 00;
  • Sunday: 18: 00-02: 00.

library bar perm menu


Bar "Library" in Perm is a place whereit's never boring. After all, the most recent music hits here and they make very tasty cocktails. It's so nice to come alone or with friends to drink a glass of beer and take some interesting book.