Turkey, baked in the oven, is a traditionala dish of Americans, which is served on Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving. The meat of this bird has a delicate taste, is considered a dietary product and contains many useful substances for the body. In the Russian cuisine, this dish is rare, but you should definitely try to cook it.

Turkey, baked in the oven. Recipe "Vermont"

In order to cook a turkey on this recipe, take the unbetted carcass, flour (4 tablespoons), butter (250 g), salt, bay leaf fresh, a little pepper.

For the broth you need: stalks of celery, peppercorns, 1 carrot, half medium bulb, basil or parsley.

As flavorings you can use lemon, thyme, sage, rosemary.

First you need to gut the carcass, cut the endswings and neck. Now the turkey should be properly seasoned and peppered both outside and inside. Cut off parts of the bird in a pan, pour a liter of water and put on a plate. After the water starts to boil, remove the foam and add all the other components of the broth. The result should be about half a liter of rich broth.

Now take the prepared flavors and 70gram of oil. You need to start the turkey, starting with the neck. After this, it is necessary to tie both legs and fix the carcass with a special knitting needle. Then put the turkey in the baking dish and send it to the oven for half an hour or forty minutes.

Melt the rest of the butter and mix with a spoonboiled water. The oven temperature should be 180 degrees. Pour the turkey with melted butter and repeat this procedure every fifteen minutes. The total time the turkey is in the oven is 50-60 minutes.

Turkey baked in the oven should be servedwith gravy. To do this, the juice that has flowed into the mold during baking should be mixed with chopped onions and heated on a small fire, stirring. Then we pour everything into a saucepan, pour in a thin trickle of broth, put the washed giblets and cook for 20 minutes over a small fire.

The turkey, baked in the oven, is generously decorated with greens before serving. The sauce is served in a separate bowl.

Stuffed turkey baked in the oven

In order to prepare a stuffed turkey, you should prepare the carcass in the same way as in the previous recipe.

For the filling you will need: half a liter of chicken broth, 3 medium finely chopped bulbs, a slice of dried white bread, paprika (in powder), sage, apples (2 medium), lemon. You can add dried fruits to taste.

In the pan, you need to pour the broth, add onions andsimmer for 15 minutes. The onion should become soft. At this time in another bowl we mix bread, egg powder, greens, paprika, salt, pepper ground and pour in onion broth. All mixed and before baking we put inside the carcass. Sew the turkey and put the baked for 50 minutes.

In order to give the dish piquancy, you canto serve a turkey baked in the oven, with cranberry sauce. To make it, you will need: 3 glasses of fresh cranberries, 1-2 glasses of sugar, 50 grams of cognac.

The oven should be heated to 150 degrees. Meanwhile, cranberries and sugar mixed and placed in a bowl for baking. Often stirring, simmer the sauce for 60 minutes, then take it out of the oven and pour in the cognac. Serve in the gravy boat.

In order to make the dish juicy, it is recommended to cover the bird with foil in the first 40 minutes of cooking, then you need to remove it so that the crust turns rosy.

The turkey, baked in the oven and served with suchexquisite sauce, will decorate the festive table and will delight the guests! This delicious dish is combined with any garnish, but most often it is served with vegetables or cereals.

Surprise your culinary masterpieces! Bon Appetit!