Vegetable salads are a necessary complement todaily menu, because they contain a huge amount of vitamins and nutrients, especially necessary for the body in winter and spring time. And salads with olive oil, in addition, low-calorie, and have a pleasant taste.

In addition to vegetables, salad recipes with oliveoil, may contain additional ingredients that make their taste more original. For example, a summer salad, which is one of the modifications of all the famous Greek salad. To make it, you need fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, boiled eggs, 200 grams of cheese (you can take any variety, however, it is preferable to cheese). Tomatoes and eggs are cut into small cubes. Onions are cut into half rings. Everything is mixed and laid out on a dish. On the sides are inserted cucumbers, cut into slices. Salad slightly salted, sprinkled with grated cheese on top and refueled with a small amount of olive oil.

Another way of making Greek saladwill be next. Tomatoes, peeled cucumbers and sweet peppers are cut into large cubes. The onion is cut with rings. Half the vegetables are laid out in the dishes, on top of them is put chopped cheese (it is necessary that it is a salted variety, for example, cheese or Feta). Here, a little lemon juice is added and evenly poured with olive oil. Then put the rest of the vegetables, add a green salad, a little salt. The dishes close and several times shake gently.

Another, no less simple, vegetable salad recipecontains in its composition carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, salad cress. You can add a little stalk celery. All ingredients are cut into thin strips, mixed, salt and oil are added.

It must be said that salads with olive oilare quite diverse. Original taste is a fish salad, which can be a wonderful low-calorie alternative to herring under a fur coat. For its preparation, the fillets of herring are cut into small strips. Several large potatoes are boiled in a uniform, cleaned, cut into cubes. Salted cucumber is peeled and finely shredded. The same is done with a fresh apple, preferably an acid-sweet variety. Onions (preferably white) are cut into rings. Prepared ingredients are mixed together, add a teaspoon of sugar and vinegar, a pinch of salt. Dressing the dish with olive oil. Before serving, you can decorate it with circles of boiled eggs, onion rings, greens.

It should be noted that vegetable salads with oliveoil can contain many different flavor combinations. Beet salad with cheese deserves attention. To make it, you need to take a small cooked beetroot, cut it into cubes and put it for a while in the fridge. After it is slightly infused, it is necessary to add olive oil, salt, sprinkle it with grated cheese and a little sesame. This dish is decorated with finely chopped greens.

In the case where it is necessary to make more satisfyingdish, you can add a small amount of meat to salads with olive oil and vegetables. For the next recipe you need a boiled chicken fillet. It is cut into long strips along the fibers and laid on a prepared dish. Topped with sliced ​​green salad, circles of radishes and cucumbers. For filling into olive oil, a small amount of spices is added. Serve this dish better with cooked independently bread crumbs.

Vegetable salads dressed with olive oil,have a pleasant taste, and it's quite easy to make them. The combination of vitamins contained in vegetables, with beneficial substances of olive oil, will make this dish as useful and necessary for the body.