"Russian salad" is not in vain considered universally recognizedking of the national modern cuisine. There are many ways to prepare it. Each housewife brings to the recipe something of her own, gives a zest to the dish. The recipe for "Olivier with apples" is just the one where in the role of something original this useful and delicious fruit appears. It is the apples that give the end product a sweet and sour taste. Will we try and cook?

Salad "Olivier". Recipe with apples and chicken breast

The principle of preparation is the same as forclassic salad, where traditionally used salted cucumber and cooked sausage. We need: one chicken breast, three medium-sized potatoes, three eggs, a small carrot, two fresh cucumbers, an apple of sour varieties, low-fat mayonnaise for salad dressing.

recipe olivier with apples


The recipe for "Olivier with apples" is quite simple incooking. First, boil the chicken breast (the broth can also be used to prepare the first dishes). Cool, release from the bone and cut into cubes. Potatoes and carrots boil, cool, clean. We cut it into cubes. Eggs cook hard-boiled, cleaned, cut into cubes. Fresh cucumbers are cut similarly. The apples are peeled and cut into cubes. All the prepared ingredients are mixed and seasoned with mayonnaise. Solim and season to taste. Before serving, guests are decorated with chopped herbs and parsley sprigs. You can sprinkle a grated yolk on top. Here is a simple recipe "Olivier with apples." For lovers of onions: you can cut into a dish one onion (finely) and add to the total mass. This will give the salad a piquant taste and add to its sharpness.

salad olive recipe with apples

Another option: with pickled cucumbers and apple

Ingredients: sausage boiled - 400 grams, several carrots, three potatoes, three salted cucumbers, three eggs, two apples, a can of green peas (100 grams), mayonnaise for dressing salad.

recipe for olivier

Vegetables cook in a uniform, clean, cut into cubes. Cut the sausage finely. Also - eggs, boiled hard. Pickled cucumbers and apples cut into cubes. Let us express the peas. Mix all the ingredients in a large container and dress with mayonnaise. Perch, salt to taste. A similar recipe "Olivier with apples" and is prepared quickly, and resembles a classic to taste and mind. However, apples give the dish a kind of piquant and delicate aroma that fuels appetite. Try it and you do something like that! Bon appetit everyone!