Naturally, when you go on a visit, youexpect to try there something new and original, and not the usual and bored to the horror salads "Olivier" and "Mimosa." Those whom you invite, also hope that your culinary delights will not be banal. Of course, no one forces you to cook pancakes with black caviar or cakes on marzipan, however, it is worthwhile to approach the menu choice creatively. For example, even regular cutlets can be made original and made to play with completely new taste qualities. How to do it? Cook chicken cutlets!

It's no secret that chicken is the most useful meatproduct. And the fillet is the best part of it. In addition, chicken meat is dietary. Therefore chicken cutlets from a chicken fillet will not only please your guests with their original taste, but also they will not harm their figures.

The first recipe that we want to offer yourattention, the following: 2 chicken eggs, half a kilo of chicken fillet, 1 large onion, salt and pepper at your discretion - be guided by your own preferences in this very controversial issue. Vegetable oil for frying. Steam cutlets from the chicken will save the situation if you once turn the stuffing - in this case, the meat is simply cut finely. By the way, about 15 cutlets are obtained from these ingredients, so if you need more or less, calculate the quantity proportionally.

So, cutlets from chicken fillet are prepared this way: first finely chop the onion, then chicken fillet, beat the eggs with salt, mix together all the ingredients - that's the dough for cutlets we got. Naturally, do not forget to add spices. Fry the cutlets in a frying pan - they must first be stitched. It will be more useful if you cook them for a couple, using a multivark for these purposes. By the way, you can serve them to the table with soy sauce, ketchup, fresh vegetables or mashed potatoes - then choose yourself.

Such cutlets from chicken fillet are often called chopped, because meat is not twisted to a homogeneous mass in a meat grinder, but simply cut. Meat particles are clearly visible in each cutlet.

However, in the preparation of these cutlets, there is oneminus - they are not as strong as regular cutlets, and can easily fall apart. If you have something similar when you are frying, then you have added few eggs. Inject one or two eggs into the meat mass, and the situation will radically change. If they still fall apart, pour a few spoons of flour into the mixture.

By the way, cutlets from chicken fillet can be andmore exotic. For example, you can prepare them as follows: 2 eggs, 400 grams of chicken fillet, 1 teaspoon of pink pepper, 200 grams of crumbs - from fresh bread, peeled halves of orange. A branch of cilantro, vegetable oil for frying, spices and salt according to your taste preferences. The time spent on chicken cutlets from this chicken fillet according to this recipe will not exceed one hour. By the way, the total calorie content of 1 serving of this dish is 450 kilocalories. And this is not so much, as you can see. Therefore, you not only eat delicious, but also keep your harmony.

First you need to chop finely, thento throw there pink pepper and coriander. After chopping, transfer the meat into a bowl. There, pour the eggs beaten with salt, as well as orange peel. Mix the contents of the bowl thoroughly - the dough should be homogeneous. After this, we make small cutlets, before you send them to a frying pan, you need to roll them in crumbs. If you are cooking in a multivark, skip the last step.

By the way, these cutlets can be cooked in the oven. Most often they are served on a table with mashed potatoes or salad. Some pre-pickle pieces of fillet in a mixture of mayonnaise, onions, salt and spices. And only then they form dough from them. If you want, you can do the same. But the taste of this will not change significantly.