The modern hostess has the opportunitycook a very quick lunch without spending a lot of time on it. To help her in this can be new appliances, for example, aerogril. In the article, we will offer several recipes for how to make a hot dish using the possibilities of aerogrill.

The fastest and simplest version of howbe cooked pork in aerogrill, is a shish kebab. You need raw lard, low-fat pork cut into medium cubes and start to prepare marinade. Onions are rubbed on a large grater, mix them with seasonings, salt, pepper and butter. Marinated meat should be about half an hour. At this time, heat the aerogril at a temperature of 200 degrees and soak the wooden skewers. Now it is recommended to string shish kebabs, alternating meat and fat. It will be enough to prepare the dish for about twenty to thirty minutes, but the temperature will need to be increased to 230 degrees. At the bottom necessarily lay a piece of foil.

Very tasty and fast dish - pork inaerogrill "smoked". It will be necessary to have a piece of pork neck, having a weight not more than a pound. Now we cut into several parts the peeled garlic, make small incisions in meat and stuff it. Be sure to rub it with a mixture of seasonings, salt and liquid smoke. It will be better if the pork stays for an hour and a half in the fridge. After that, pour a little shavings of alder into the aerogrill, pour a little water and heat it. Half an hour later put the meat on the bottom grate and smoke the pork for thirty minutes. The temperature should not be more than 240 degrees. That's it, pork baked in aerogrill can be served on a table with a salad of fresh vegetables and various herbs.

Pork in aerogrill "On the rib" will require morelong time for cooking, but it can surprise and delight guests with their taste and aroma. It will be necessary to make portions of pork brisket, always with a bone. They marinate in a mixture of lemon juice, onion rings, salt, seasonings and pepper. Leave the meat overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning it will be necessary to warm up the aerogrill to two hundred degrees, put the pieces on the top grate for thirty minutes. Then reduce heat to 170 degrees, turn over and bring the meat to the ready state. In the event that it starts to burn, then the temperature is reduced to 140 degrees. Serve immediately on the table.

Pork in aerogrill can be prepared using foil. The final taste of the dish will depend on what kind of marinade was used. In the article we will offer several recipes.

Pork ginger is prepared as follows. It will be necessary to chop very finely garlic and mix with salt, seasonings and pepper. In a piece of pork weighing no more than a pound to make small holes with a sharp knife. Meat coated with a mixture and place it in the holes made. Ginger cut into mugs, overlay them with pork, place in foil and send overnight in the fridge. The next day, pork comes in foil. In the aerogrill, a temperature of 240 degrees is set and is left in order for the stove to warm up. Prepare the dish for about forty minutes.

Pork with mustard will be delicious. Cut a piece of tenderloin, as for dish "Garmoshka", cover it with pepper and salt. Foil the grease, put the meat into slices, place onions and garlic cloves. Now all together spread with mustard, liquid smoke and wrap the foil with a very dense package. Bake in aerogrill at a temperature of 240 degrees for half an hour. During this time, the meat will be baked. But in order to make it golden, it will be necessary to open the foil, put the dish on the top grill and leave the pork for another ten minutes.

Do not be afraid to experiment and enjoy your appetite!