Pork baked in the oven - it's amazinga tasty and satisfying dish that will please many. How to cook it? This recipe is pretty simple to perform. A dish called "Pork baked in the oven" requires the following products in your kitchen:

* 1 kg of pork pulp (meat separated from bones);

* 2 large carrots;

* 10-15 flower shoots of wild garlic;

* Salt and pepper (the amount you want).

The recipe is suitable for both true cooks and people for whom this dish is the first experience in cooking meat. Pork baked in the oven is prepared as follows:

First you need to prepare the products. You will be surprised, but no matter how stunning the "Pork in the oven" recipe, you can not cook a delicious dish if you treat selection and preparation of products irresponsibly. Agree, it is not very pleasant to eat hard, wiry meat, which at the same time contains a small addition - sand from poorly washed vegetables. Such pork in the oven is unlikely to help you conquer the beloved's heart, but rather cause him problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Previously you will have to choosea quality piece of pork. The ideal option is a piece of meat with a thin layer of fat on the top. Try to approach the selection with all responsibility, because the taste of the dish will directly depend on the quality of the meat material.

The second stage is the preparation of vegetables. Be sure to thoroughly wash the carrots and flowery arrow of wild garlic. After that, peel the carrots, cut it with small blocks, it is desirable that the brusochki were long. The flower arrows of the wild garlic must be cut into small pieces in order to be convenient for eating.

The next thing you need to do is lurepork. But in no case should you confuse the terms "napigovat" and "stuff". Napigovat - this means making small incisions and punctures in a piece of meat. Choose a suitable knife for this procedure - it should be sharp and thin. We make a puncture, but we do not get a knife, but we do this: carefully insert the flower arrows of wild garlic into the undercut, and then cut the carrots that you previously cut. So your pork baked in the oven, better soaked in juice and the scent of vegetables.

After you larded the whole piece of meat,salt it with salt, then pepper. The layer of fat in this case plays an important role. Salo podtaet and make pork more juicy. If you have chosen a piece that does not contain fat, then you can easily correct your mistake if you prikolete on top of a piece of cured pork a few thin strips of fat. Naturally, it is best in this case to use wooden toothpicks, and not plastic skewers.

It is necessary to preheat the oven, andonly after that put the pork there. The time interval, which is necessary for the preparation of pork baked in the oven, provided that the temperature will be medium - 45-60 minutes. But the main factor determining time is not the temperature, but the thickness of the piece. When you are ready, remove the baking tray.

That's the whole recipe! Just a few minutes, and pork baked in the oven, ready for consumption!

What pleases you in this dish is that ithas pleasant taste qualities both hot and cold. This is a universal food, which is suitable for both ordinary dinner and celebration. And more importantly, pork baked in the oven - this is a dish that will not have to be heated several times, because it will so much be enjoyed by all, that it will disappear from the plates instantly. So, in just an hour and a half you can cook a dish that definitely will please your family, friends and guests! Therefore, we strongly recommend taking this recipe for cooking meat for a note.

Bon Appetit!