A person should eat at least three times a day. Ideally, there should be five meals. Only in this case the organism receives food fractional, does not signal discomfort by feeling hungry and does not gain excess weight. Of course, the latter factor also depends on the quality of food consumed. For example, many people classify mantas as harmful food, but if you do not get involved, then manties - "rosy" - is not only a satisfying, but very beautiful dish that can become the basis of a feast.

Manty Rosettes

What are manti?

The peoples of Asia (Mongolia, Turkey, Tatarstan andBashkortostan, etc.) will not believe that one can not know about such a dish as manti. For them, this is a traditional national dish, which is a twisted meat wrapped in a thin layer of dough. Presumably, the word "Manty" came from China, where it could be translated as "the head of a barbarian". Well, maybe this dish and it seems a bit wild, but it will not affect the taste!

Each hostess has her own secret recipe forwho is trained in her family. In the process, you can show imagination, make the filling more juicy, and the dough - thin. However, it is not as easy to mold manties as "rosettes" as it may seem. It will take several times to go through the entire algorithm from start to finish.

Manty Roses Photo


So, how to make rosy manties? Let's start with the test. For him, we need a kilogram of flour, one egg, a large pinch of salt, vegetable oil and a glass of boiled water. You can use ready-made dumpling dough for mantas, but on condition that it is fresh. If the dough is lying down, then the mantles will not be good. It is better to start rolling the dough for a couple of hours before the proposed molding, since it should lie down.

During this time, you can have time to prepare forcemeat fromlamb, fattened fat and onions. Spice add to taste. You can spice it with the head of crushed garlic. For juiciness and softness in mince, many housewives add boiled cabbage or pumpkin. Just a little bit to improve the taste.

Finished dough rolled thin layers and cut into plates. Manties "Rosettes" - this is also a figured dish, so it will have to be sculpted from strips.

rosy mantle how to sculpt

The process went

Ready minced meat, try using the tongue to determine,whether there is enough salt and other spices. Now spread the forcemeat over the entire length of the strip and wrap it inside to get the flagella. This flagellum is twisted in a spiral, and at the end pinch behind the bottom. These are typical rosy mantles. How to sculpt, you understand, and continue to master the received knowledge on other specimens. There is another way to make a "rose". To do this, the dough should be rolled round, but larger in diameter than on dumplings. In the center of the roundweed, put the stuffing and the dough together, cross the cross. It turns out "envelope" with the sides opened. Now connect the corners of the "envelope" with each other. The parties themselves should not be glued together. Let the manti "breathe". Send them to the mantovarku or steamer.

manti rosettes recipe

The right nuances

Now you have mastered the science of how to domanties- "roses". The recipe is not so complicated, but experienced culinary experts advise not to adhere to it with an accuracy of "to". It is necessary and important to show imagination during cooking. If you replace lamb with chicken, then manta rays will turn out to be light and almost dietary. The dough can be made without an egg and thus reduce the calorie content. A special flavor is Manti with the addition of green onions and spicy spices. Vegetarians sometimes make manti with mushrooms and greens. By the way, to taste this is a very interesting combination. Also, it should be noted that the Uighurs get the perfect manties - "roses". Photos of these creations really pleasing to the eye. The fact is that they are very juicy because of the abundance of fatty fat and pumpkin in the filling. Uighurs have more than 10 varieties of manti: with pumpkin, jusai plant, red pepper. Mold in a round, triangular shape or similar envelope. Manties tastes best of all are hot, but immediately after cooking you need to throw a piece of butter on top or put sour cream to soften the taste and dough. The dish is perfectly combined with any sauce and seasonings, but it will become truly authentic if you cook a hasty spice of homemade mayonnaise. To do this, you need natural yogurt, mustard, a spoon of olive oil and spices. You can also add grated garlic or greens. All the ingredients must be crushed and mixed. You can use a mixer for this. This mayonnaise is much more useful than the purchased one and will not add to you extra inches at the waist. Bon Appetit!