A festive table always wants to decorateonly beautiful, but also tasty, useful, satisfying. What is always present in abundance? Naturally, salads. They are cooked in a huge number and different types. Some of them later respond with heaviness in the stomach, swelling and pain. What light salads for a festive table can be cooked so that they are also healthy? There are several simple recipes.

light salads for festive table

Vegetable salad "Pleasant"

Light salads for a festive table of vegetablescan be seasoned with butter or lemon juice. Mayonnaise will have to be abandoned, sour cream also does not suit everyone. Vegetable salad "Pleasant" for four servings requires the following products:

  • boiled rice (enough four tablespoons);
  • cans of green peas;
  • canned corn cans;
  • two Bulgarian peppers (green and yellow);
  • salt to taste.

You can dress the salad with olive oil, and you canjuice from corn. All ingredients are finely chopped, except canned products. The dish is thoroughly mixed and served in portioned salads. To taste, you can add pepper. Salad is not recommended for those who suffer from pancreatic diseases. Canned peas and corn can negatively affect its work.

Easy summer salads: recipes

Summer - it's time for the freshest vegetables, which are not yetwere filled with harmful substances. So, light salads for a festive table in this period should be from seasonal vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, bell pepper, radish.

easy summer salads recipes

One of the most popular is the salad fromcucumbers and tomatoes. But it can be improved and made more useful and satisfying. It will take all of the above vegetables, finely chopped and seasoned with lemon juice. It is not necessary to add salt. This salad is not just delicious, but also the most useful. In addition, he will not add you a gram of weight and not a centimeter to the waist, that is ideal for those who are on a diet.

Light salads for a festive table can benot only from vegetables, but also from fruits. For example, from citrus, seasoned with low-fat yogurt. Such a vitaminized cocktail in a plate will please not only children but also adults. It stimulates the digestive and circulatory system.

salads snacks on the festive table

Out-of-the-way salads and snacks will be on the festive table. They prepare for a couple of minutes, and make dinner as full as possible. Ingredients that will help reduce the effect of alcohol on the body are:

  • radish;
  • cabbage;
  • Cherry tomatoes;
  • carrot.

If you mix them all in one salad and fillolive oil, then intoxication will come a little slower. The radish is good for removing toxins, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and spreading through the body. Sour cabbage, so beloved as a snack, is not useful to such an extent. Excessive use of it in combination with alcohol can cause pain in the pancreas. Make a festive table correctly and eat with profit!