What mistress does not dream to feed the family tasty,but at the same time unwise dessert? In this case, the prescription of a tube with condensed milk or with another cream will come to the rescue. Prepare waffle (or other) tubules is easy, but the delicacy is very, very delicious.

Classic recipe: tubes with condensed milk

So, if you decide to cook waffletubes with cream, the first thing you need is a waffle iron. You can buy it at any home appliances store, and sometimes even dishes. The device consists of 2 plates with handles, which have a certain relief inside. When you fill the dough into the wafer and close it, this relief is imprinted on the dough. So, the recipe.

Tubules with condensed milk are prepared very simply. We take half a pack of margarine, melt it, and when it's a little cold - we add a mixture of 2 eggs and half a cup of sugar. The flour is introduced gradually, so that the consistency of a slightly thicker sour cream (i.e., about a glass) is obtained. A can of condensed milk must be cooked (you can buy already boiled).

You should fry the wafers like this: We warm up the waffle iron, then both parts are lubricated with sunflower oil. The spoon is filled with dough and carefully placed in the center of the waffle iron, after which the upper part of the waffle iron closes and the pens are clamped. The test needs to pick up such quantity that it filled all surface of the form, but at the same time it did not leak out. When one side is browned, the waffle maker is turned over to the other side. When the other side is ready, you need to open the waffle iron, shift the wafer to a large flat plate and, while it's still warm, put condensed milk on it and wrap it with a tube. These actions need to be done quickly, otherwise the waffle that has had time to cool will not coagulate well.

If there is no waffle iron in the arsenal of kitchen appliances or if you just want something else, then you can use the following recipe.

Tubules with condensed milk, baked in the oven

We beat 2 eggs, add a glass of sugar andagain whisk. Then we put a pinch of vanillin, 2 tablespoons. milk and gradually introduce flour (incomplete glass). Mix everything and get a liquid dough, part of which is poured into the oven mold. We put in a preheated oven and wait until the pancake gets flushed. On the still not cooled pancake put the cream and fold the tube. The cream consists of 1 can of boiled condensed milk and 200 g of butter butter (they must be mixed or whipped until a uniform mass is obtained).

For nut lovers, there is another interesting recipe.

Tubules with nut cream

For the preparation of straws, whip 100 grams of sugar with1 whole egg and 1 protein, add there 100 grams of flour and a quarter of a glass of cream. Mix well. Cover the baking tray with baking paper, which must be oiled. Spread the dough on a paper with a spoon and sprinkle it with finely chopped walnuts (or hazelnuts, which one is more like). These cakes are baked quickly (2-3 min), until they are cold, they need to be removed and rolled. Only when the tubes cool, they need to fill a spoon with a cream.

The cream is prepared as follows: 2 egg whites mixed with 150 grams of sugar, heated on a steam bath and beat, gradually introducing margarine (100 g), which must also be melted before the consistency of thick sour cream. Then add 2 tablespoons. liquor and cool.

Tubules with protein cream

For this dish you will need a wafertubules, which are prepared the way it is written in the first recipe. Fill them we will be a protein cream, for the preparation of which 6 proteins pour into a bowl and for 30 minutes. put on cooling in the refrigerator. Then enter into them a drop of lemon juice and vanilla sugar, a glass of powdered sugar. Beat with a mixer until a thick foam forms.

Tubules with custard

Very tasty are the tubes with the custardcream. The recipe for tubes for them can also be taken from the 1 st recipe, or you can bake in the oven. To prepare the cream we take 2 stacks. milk and boil. 6 yolks rubbed with a glass of sugar, add there 2 liters. flour, half a pack of butter, 3 liters. milk and mix. Then add to this mass in the cooled milk and cook on low heat. The cream is considered ready when it thickens.