In summer, there is a special demand fora treat like boiled corn on the cob. In the finished form, it is not always safe to buy it, but at home it is completely possible to weld everyone. In this case, the corn in the multivariate is prepared faster than in the pan. The most important thing is to set the right program and time. Corn in a multivark can be boiled both in cobs and in grains. Everyone chooses one or another option. All of them are as simple as possible and do not require special practice in culinary arts.

corn in a multivark

Recipe for the lazy

The simplicity of this cooking method is amazing! First of all, you need to peel the corn from leaves, hair and greens. If the size of the bowl at the multivarka allows you to lay the whole cob, then it is necessary to proceed. If not, then you need to cut them in half or into three parts. Put the cobs in a bowl vertically, pour water to the maximum mark. Even if they are not completely covered with liquid, nothing terrible will happen. The lid of the multivark closes sealed, which prevents the water from boiling. The product from this is well steamed and cooked. You can add a tablespoon of sugar, so that the corn in the cob in the multivark turned out to be sweet. You need to cook in the "Quenching" mode at 800 W for one hour. If the cobs are very large and thick, then the time can be increased by another half an hour. Sometimes for taste, the leaves from the corn are placed on top of the ears for the time of preparation. So the dish turns out to be especially fragrant.

corn in redmond multivark

Recipe for cooking grains

Not always the housewives like to cook cornentirely. This is understandable - we must wait until it cools down to separate the grain. And this time, which is not always enough. For example, when you need to make a special salad, which includes this ingredient. Therefore, there is a simple recipe for how to boil corn in a multivariate immediately in grains.


  • corn;
  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • water.

To separate the grains from the cob, it's betteruse a fork for fish. First, it is easier to do it. Secondly, so the grains remain as intact as possible. Depending on your desire, you need to collect half or a whole cup for the multivark. The amount of water is half the volume of the grains, otherwise they will get too hot, take a lot of moisture, swell and become watery. Salt and sugar to taste. Corn in the multivarke "Redmond" is prepared in two different, at the option, modes - "Steaming for a couple" or "Baking". So faster and easier. In case you decide to use a steam cooker, you need to pour the grains in a special container, not in a bowl. Preparation time - 50 minutes.

corn on the cob

Corn in the multivark does not require that after itconstantly watched. This is a huge plus of any recipe. Due to the fact that cooking takes place under a sealed lid, all the ingredients are cooked as well as possible. Do not forget that after the signal for cooking you need to turn off the equipment, otherwise it will be in the heating mode of food. That, naturally, slows down the cooling process of the finished product. Young corn contains a lot of vitamins, which are preserved during cooking in the multivark.