Mantas are a traditional dish of the peoples of Asia,something like a dumplings. The dish is chopped or ground meat (mostly beef or pork) in a thin white flour test. There are different types of mantis: Uzbek, Japanese, Kazakh and others. Asians are very fond of meat dishes and know how to make juicy manti, so that their taste will be remembered for a long time by consumers.
How to cook manti? Quite a difficult question, because there are a lot of technologies for their preparation. But still there are some secrets from experienced housewives, following which you will be able to surprise your family with a fragrant, juicy and very tasty dish. So, we prepare manti at home.

500 g of flour,
0.5 tbsp. water (cold),
2 eggs,
about 100 grams of fatty fat (to taste, but you can not add)
700-750 g of young lamb,
300 g of beef.

And now how to make manti. The dough is kneaded from eggs, water and white flour. After mixing the dough, from time to time we add water to it (we must take into account that the water should be cold) and wait until the dough turns dense and elastic. It must be wrapped in fabric and left for half an hour, thanks to this it will take good shape and become softer. Meat (lamb or veal) should be cut into small pieces and seasoned with spices, garlic or onions. For a special taste, you can add fat or fat to the mince. The dough is rolled out, but not very thin, then cut into strips and then into squares. The size of the mantles you can choose yourself, but in the traditional sense, the size of the test for one mantle should be about 5x5 cm. Then the ball rolls out of the squares and rolls into an oblong cake. On such a cake put a teaspoon of ground meat and two fingers wrapped around the edges. Hands should be moistened with water or oil so that the dough does not stick. Then, on the other hand, the mantles are twisted in such a way that the filling is completely hidden under the dough layer. Stitched seams on the mantle should look like an elongated letter "n". We put all the manti at the same time in boiling water and make a small fire. They are cooked, covered up to half a lid, will be 25-30 minutes. After 35 or 40 minutes, pull out the mantle and filter through a sieve under cold water. Eat them best with sauce or vinegar.

Here is the second recipe for how to make manti. First you need to make minced meat. To do this, we take one large onion, clean it, clean a few potatoes. Cut the potatoes and onions into cubes, mix them with minced meat, then add spices and various seasonings to taste. From eggs, flour and water, prepare the dough, which you need to stand for 40 minutes. Then roll it out into strips about 10 by 10 cm. Put a teaspoon of ground meat in the dough and connect the four edges of the dough so that the stuffing is inside closed. Put the mantles on greased grate in a special pan. Grate above the boiling water and leave for 40 minutes to cook. You can decorate manties with chopped herbs or season with spices. It would be nice to pour them sauce or sour cream.

The third recipe: how to cook Uzbek manti

We take the following products (approximately 12 pieces):
lamb - 450 grams,
fat - 45 g (to taste, you can not add),
onions - 500 g (can be more)
flour - 320 grams,
water 20 g,
salt - to taste,

In the Uzbek version of the dish, the main product is lamb. This is due to the geographical location of the country and with local culinary preferences.
Lamb is finely chopped or chopped, seasonedsalt and various spices, cut the onions. From the prepared dough thin cakes are rolled (at the edges of the dough should be a little thinner than the middle). In the middle of the flat cake put a small portion of minced meat, and from above put a piece of fat, seasoned with spices. After this, wrap the product, giving it a rounded shape. Closure the edges so that seams appear. Manties are cooked in a steam boiler, small in volume. Top should be covered with a lid. The approximate cooking time is 40 minutes from the moment the water boils. When the cooked dish is served to the table, it should be poured with meat broth and decorated with greens. In addition, you can serve sour cream or sour milk in the sauce bowl.

How to cook manti in a double boiler

To prepare this dish in a double boiler you need the following ingredients:

800-000g of meat (better than fatty lamb),
2 tbsp. flour,
2 pcs. onion-turnips,
Salt and black pepper (depending on taste),
50g of draining. oil or fat,
vegetable oil (needed to dip the mantle before dipping into the steamer),
1 glass of water (mixed with flour evenly),
1 egg.

Mantas are prepared, as described above, only before cooking, each of them is dipped in oil so that they do not stick to the bottom. Then lay them on the layers of the steamer and cook for about 40 minutes.

Fragrant, juicy, tasty mantas will please all members of your family!