how to smoke lard at home
How to smoke lard correctly? This issue is of concern to many gourmets and lovers of such a wonderful product. Now this process can be organized even without leaving home, there are several ways available to each. We suggest you to learn how to smoke lard at home.

Method number 1

Preparation will take you 10 minutes, but all the timecooking takes 2 hours. But keep in mind that before you start directly to smoke, fat will have to stand in the cold for about a week. So, we need a piece of pork brisket with meat layers, weighing it in five kilograms. The thicker and fatter the piece, the better. At this amount of fat you need to take 50 g of fine salt and 2 tsp. large, 50 grams of sugar (preferably brown), maple syrup (can be replaced with honey), two cloves of crushed garlic crushed garlic. Mix salt, sugar, maple syrup (honey), garlic and gently rub the brisket. Do not worry if you can not lubricate every millimeter, - during cooking, brine fluid will fill the entire surface. Now put the brisket in a bag or wrap it in foil and place it in the fridge.

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You need to check every day, watch toThe resulting brine filled all the areas and properly soaked the fat. On the seventh day, before smoking lard at home, remove it from the bag (foil) and rinse under running water. For smoking is best to use chips of cherry or apple tree, it will give the product a rich flavor. Smokehouse is done elementary: in the enamel or steel dishes, chips are placed on the bottom, a grate is installed on which it is necessary to lay fat, cover it and put it on the fire.

How much smoked bacon, depends on the thickness of the piece. Be prepared that the room will be smoky, so the kitchen should be equipped with a powerful hood. But it is better to produce this procedure outdoors (in the yard or on the terrace), using a brazier.

Method No. 2

Another option, how to smoke lard in the homeconditions. It involves the use of onion peel, which must be pre-accumulated. Directly for the process, you will need a cauldron or a deep frying pan with thick walls, as well as salt, water and brisket (or fat from another part of the pig carcass). We prepare the brine: we make four tablespoons of salt per liter of water. Salo should be cut into slices 3-5 centimeters and lay them in one layer on the bottom of the vessel, in which you will smoke. Then pour the prepared brine so that it completely covers the product. From above just throw the washed ragged husk from the onion.

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Frying pan or cauldron is installed on the stove. The brine should boil, and the bacon is cooked about 15 minutes. Then the fat should be extracted and cut into each piece three times, rubbed with pepper, garlic and other favorite seasonings, put in a jar and pour brine, put into the refrigerator for a day. This product is very similar to smoked bacon both in color and taste. This way of cooking with pleasure apply housewives, since smoking lard at home is not always convenient because of the smoke.