Each person's diet should be presentmeat dishes, because the meat itself contains a large number of vitamins and minerals useful for maintaining normal life of the body. One of the most common meat dishes are homemade chops, the recipe of which is quite simple. In order to make them delicious, you need to take beef, pork and chicken in equal parts, twist through a meat grinder, add bread, a large number of different greens, milk. All this mix well, form cutlets and fry them in vegetable oil. Prepared in this way, the dish is a good remedy for anemia, because it contains a large number of B vitamins that promote the formation of hemoglobin.

If you cook homemade chops (recipeclassic) for a couple without the use of salt, but with a lot of greenery, they can benefit people who suffer from diseases of the blood vessels and the heart, as well as the oral cavity. In addition, this product contributes to the restoration of bones and the maintenance of bone tissue.

Homemade chops, the recipe of which suggestsuse of minced meat and vegetables, very fond of children. Especially if they add potatoes, zucchini or eggplants, greens, boiled and prunes through a meat grinder. Fry the cutlets for the child is recommended in vegetable oil, and it is best to cook them for a couple. Serve a ready dish with vegetables or salads.

Instead of meat, when cooking cutlets often use fish. This product is well combined with potato puree, various porridges and pasta.

Let's consider in detail how to prepare homemade chops from fish milk.

For this purpose it is necessary to take one kilogram of fish milk, three liters of water, vegetable seasoning, several large potatoes, three tablespoons of salt and breadcrumbs for breading.

First, pour the milk with water, addingsalt and seasoning, and leave for one hour. At the end of the time, the fish product is passed through the meat grinder along with the potatoes, cutlets are formed from the resulting mass, they are crumbled in breadcrumbs and fried for half a minute on each side.

Meat cutlets are not inferior to fish meat. To date, there are a large number of recipes for this dish, and although the technology of its preparation is unchanged, each mistress adds something of her to her, thereby introducing a certain zest.

Consider several recipes, with which you can cook delicious homemade chops.

1. Cutlets in pots.

Ingredients: kilogram of minced meat, a glass of broth, two hundred grams of dried mushrooms, two eggs, one hundred grams of fat, two onions, three tablespoons of pulp, two spoons of olive oil and butter, greens, salt and spices.

In the finished minced meat, it is necessary to add eggs, afterwhat to divide it into small parts, giving each roundness of form. Salo and onions are finely chopped, mushrooms are boiled in salted water and finely shredded. Onion should be fried and mixed with bacon, mushrooms, bread pulp, salt and spices. The resulting mass is spread over minced meat, it is shaped like cutlets and smeared with butter. Cutlets are placed in pots, filled with broth and placed in the oven. The prepared dish is decorated with greenery.

2. Homemade cutlets (recipe using pumpkin).

Ingredients: three hundred grams of pork and beef, one onion, two hundred grams of pumpkin, one egg, three tablespoons of flour, salt and spices.

Meat must be scrolled through the meat grinder togetherwith onions, add salt and add spices to taste. Pumpkin is cut into small pieces, dipped in boiling water and cooked, after which it is ground on a blender. The resulting puree, along with the egg, is added to the stuffing, and everything mixes well. From the resulting mass, cutlets are formed, crumbled in flour and roasted, then they must be extinguished for fifteen minutes, adding a little water to the skillet.