As you know, turkey meat is useful and verydelicious. There are many different recipes: turkey salad, roast turkey, whole baked, turkey escalopes, boiled turkey, stuffed and many more different dishes. Food should not only be tasty, but also useful. And it is not always possible to combine these two qualities.

dishes from turkey in multivark
And yet, how delicious to cook a turkey? Yes, and with benefit? The answer to these questions is. Prepare dishes from turkey in the multivark. They are almost the same as cooked in the oven, that is, stewed. And such food is more useful than, for example, fried. So, let's look at a few recipes for cooking a bird in a multivark.

A very simple way - stewing turkey with vegetables. The fillets of the bird should be cut into small pieces, placed on the bottom of the multivark, and from above put any vegetables. Solim, pepper, add flavor to the taste and put the stew for forty minutes.

turkey salad
Dishes from a turkey in a multivarche should be prepared withsauce. So the meat will turn more juicy. The sauce can be taken any according to your taste: tomato, soy, cranberry and others. Here is one of the recipes. The turkey needs to be cut into pieces, and the multivark should be put in a baking mode. Next, fry the bird with a bowl of onions. Then add to the meat soy sauce, a little sugar and cook the dish in the same mode for about forty minutes. Serve the turkey with rice or mashed potatoes. Vegetables as a side dish will also be a good option.

You can cook pilaf. For it you need to cut small meat and vegetables, fry them for ten to fifteen minutes in baking mode. Then rinse the rice and add it to the meat and vegetables. The dish should be cooked for about fifty minutes. It will turn out very tasty, rice will be crumbly, and turkey meat juicy.

But the recipe for a baked turkey shank in an orange marinade.

To make a marinade, you need to squeeze out the juice from the orange, add

how delicious to cook a turkey
spices and salt. Place the shin in the fragrant mixture for about an hour. Then smear it with sour cream and put in a bowl multivarki, pouring pre-her vegetable oil. Leave for an hour in baking mode, then turn the shin and leave for another forty minutes. About twenty minutes before the end of cooking, pour the marinade into the meat. The dish is ready.

To make dishes from turkey in a multivariate turn outappetizing, you need to follow some rules when choosing meat. It should be from a young bird and do not contain any stains. Fresh meat can not have any foreign smell, it will be elastic. It is undesirable to buy frozen poultry, because due to the volume of the carcass, it will be defrosted for a long time.

So, the dishes from the turkey in the multivark - thistasty, useful, quick to prepare food. Your family will receive an unforgettable pleasure from eating this dietary meat, because it will turn out to be very mild and will melt in your mouth. At the same time, all the useful properties (vitamins, microelements) of meat will be preserved, which is much more important than anything else, because the health of your loved ones depends on them.