If you are thinking about what to feed yourfamily or guests, then a good solution will be to prepare manti. This is one of the most common dishes of Uzbek cuisine, which was appreciated in many countries of the world. According to tradition, it is cooked in a mantissa, but in its absence, a steamer, a pan or a multivark is also used.

Not everyone knows how to prepare manti, so we will give you some recipes. The cooking process of this dish is simple enough and does not require a lot of time.

How to cook manti?

Necessary ingredients: a kilogram of meat, a half kilogram of flour, a pound of onions, pepper, about 150 grams of fatty fat (can be replaced with melted butter), sour cream (2 large spoons) and salt.

Cooking method:

Let's start with making a dough for future mantas. To do this, mix sour cream with a glass of salt water, gradually adding flour and kneading a dough.

Then you need to do the preparation of the filling. With the meat grinder, twist the meat, as well as onions and fattened fat. Add pepper and salt, mix.

Then cut a piece of dough, roll it outhands, so that it takes the form of a bundle and cut into small pieces of small pieces. Having rolled these pieces in flour, roll them out with a rolling pin and lay a bit of minced meat in the center of the resulting round.

Now you can mold manties. Do you know how to cook manti properly? For this, a piece of dough should be folded in such a way that it resembles an envelope in shape. In this case, the mincemeat from above should be closed only partially.

Then the resulting mantles must be laid out ongrids of the mantilla, placing them in such a way that they do not come into contact. At this time, set fire to the gas and put water on the fire. The pan should be half full. After the water boils, you must put the grate in a saucepan and close it tightly with a lid. After about 45 minutes, the dish is ready.

How to cook manti with pumpkin?


For the test - a pound of flour, three eggs, a small spoonful of salt, 80 grams of water.

For the filling - onion, pumpkin, melted butter (about 100 grams), half teaspoon of zira, as much salt and pepper.


Using a knife, chop the pumpkin andbow. Mix them and add zir, pepper and salt. Ghee must be placed in a warm place to melt, and also add to the future filling.

Prepare the dough for manties by mixing the indicatedIngredients. Using a rolling pin, roll it out and cut into squares. We spread out the minced meat and fasten the opposite edges of the dough so that the mantles are in the form of squares. After that, put it in the mantel and cook for about 50 minutes.

How to cook manti in a multivariate?


Dough - 450 g of flour, 150 ml of milk, half a spoonful (tea) of salt, 2 eggs;

Minced meat - potatoes, two onions, a pound of meat.

Preparation: lay out the ingredients for the dough into the bread maker, turn on the "dough" mode for 15 minutes. We begin to make the filling, for which we clean the potatoes and onion and finely cut them into squares. Meat is also cut into cubes, everything is mixed and salted. After that, throw the stuffing into a colander and wait until the excess liquid drains.

From the dough we roll out small roundworms,lay out on them stuffing and mold manties. Fill in the multivark 5 multistakanov water, grease the cup of the steamer with vegetable oil and evenly distribute mantas on it, then put it in the multivark. We select the program "Steam" and set it for 40 minutes. After the multivark signal sounded, we take out the mantles with a spatula and put a small piece of butter in each. The dish is ready.

After reading the presented recipes, you do not need to ask how to cook manti. There would be a desire and products, and a tasty dish, of course, will appeal to guests and households!