Vegetables play a big role in our nutrition. With the help of vegetables, or rather the fiber and coarse fibers contained in them, we stimulate the intestines, and vitamins and minerals of some vegetables are simply necessary, they should be in our daily diet. Vegetables in combination with meat and fish are a diet and low-calorie dish, in contrast, for example, from dishes from flour and cereals. Therefore, most often, nutritionists advise women who want to lose weight, eat more vegetables (except potatoes) and reduce the consumption of macaroni, cereals, white bread and the like. Important: vegetables should be cooked properly. For example, how to cook zucchini in the oven? In fact, it's very simple, the main thing is to follow simple recommendations:

  • observe the temperature regime;
  • correctly carry out the primary culinary processing of the product;
  • periodically check the dish for readiness.

Courgettes baked in the oven with vegetables

For two servings:

  • two small zucchini;
  • tomato - one piece;
  • pepper bulgarian half of whole vegetable;
  • onion - the fourth part of the bulb;
  • greens and green onions;
  • sour cream a couple spoons;
  • salt, edible table salt;
  • cheese is hard - one hundred grams;
  • beans, frozen - fifty grams.

Zucchini is peeled, cut in half andUsing a spoon, we scrape the inside. In the zucchini there should be enough space for the filling to fit. Tomato finely chopped, chopped Bulgarian pepper, diced onion, chopped and fried in oil until crisp. Greenery and green onions chop, beans defrost. Prepared vegetables mixed in a bowl, add salt and finely chopped zucchini. Season with sour cream and mix thoroughly. Ready to fill with a spoon, put in a zucchini, top with cheese and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until ready, that is, about twenty minutes.

Courgettes with minced meat in the oven

For two servings:

  • two small zucchini;
  • sunflower oil;
  • beef - two hundred grams;
  • pork - two hundred grams;
  • fat - fifty grams;
  • half of the egg;
  • salt;
  • milk - a few spoons;
  • onion - medium-sized head;
  • pepper;
  • cheese of hard varieties - one hundred grams.

Zucchini peel and cut alongin half. Remove the core with a spoon and cut as small as possible. The meat is scrolled once, the second along with the onion. In the mince add spices and egg. Fry in a pan until ready for about ten minutes. In the middle of zucchini put roasted minced meat, sprinkle with grated hard cheese on top and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for ten minutes, it is possible less, depending on the size of the zucchini.

Courgettes baked in the oven with vegetables and eggs

For ten portions:

  • one zucchini;
  • a dozen eggs;
  • milk - three hundred milliliters;
  • pepper bulgarian whole;
  • two onions;
  • butter;
  • cheese of hard varieties - three hundred grams.

Zucchini is peeled and cut into circlesone centimeter thick, each circle is laid out in a separate circular shape. Bulgarian peppers are cleaned and washed, we remove the seeds and cut into small cubes, fry in a pan under the lid. Onions are cleaned and finely chopped, add it to pepper and fry until done. A dozen eggs gently whisk with milk, add spices. Vegetables put in a mold on top of the zucchini, then pour the egg and put the baked in the oven until cooked. Five minutes before the ready zucchini get out and sprinkle with grated cheese, set back.

As you can see, zucchini, baked in the oven -very simple and does not require any unusual food dish. Although you can fantasize a little, naturally, observing the compatibility of products, and create your own, crown dish, it can be as dietary, light, vegetarian, and juicy, heavy. For example, zucchini, baked in the oven with meat or fish, egg, dough. Everything depends on your desire!