In St. Petersburg, walking along the avenue of Engels(Vyborg district) you can stumble upon the cozy restaurant "Apricot", which was opened in 2013. The summer playground and the interior of the restaurant is made in the style of Provence. The home furnishings of the establishment attract visitors of different age groups. Just want to plunge into a pleasant, light and relaxing atmosphere.

apricot restaurant


Everyone who goes to a bite can estimate byworthy thoughtful and cozy interior with original wooden elements. Literally everything here is organic and stylish. In the restaurant you can see elegant white-beige walls, olive-tones decor, hand-made curtains, delicate tablecloths on the tables. For rest of visitors, soft tapestry sofas are put. The ceiling vaults are decorated with chandeliers with chiffon draperies. The interior is dominated by mint tones. Classic decor elements create a relaxing atmosphere and give a special mood.


In the restaurant "Apricot" the room is divided into such zones as:

  • A spacious mobile hall, designed for 180 people.
  • Chamber small room for 40 people.

The big hall is equipped in such a way thatstaff has the ability to easily change the interior elements, curtains, decoration items. This allows you to correctly and correctly surround the room for various celebrations and banquets, which are often held here.

In the small hall there is a separate entrance from the street. In the restaurant "Apricot" guests can sing in karaoke or simply enjoy high-quality music (there is a professional sound equipment). "Apricot" is ideal for any celebrations and quiet family evenings: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, proms. The restaurant has a functional children's playroom. In one of the halls there is an open kitchen with a barbecue.

restaurant apricot menu


In the restaurant you can taste delicious dishesEuropean and Caucasian cuisine, and also order something from the Lenten menu. Aromatic baking of own production, surprisingly delicious beautiful desserts, delicious oriental sweets, thin freshly baked lavash - this is not the whole list, what attracts and surprises the visitors to the restaurant "Apricot". Shish kebab and grilled vegetables cooked on open fire and in the oven are served according to all rules, and a variety of pizzas and meat of the desired roast will not leave indifferent even the most demanding visitor.


The time of the restaurant "Apricot":

  • Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 12.00 to 24.00.
  • Friday - Saturday from 12.00 to 02.00.

Home environment of the restaurant "Apricot" and menuattract more and more visitors. Friendly waiters will help you choose the right dish. The restaurant offers a service "Delivery of food", which can be ordered in telephone mode. There is a reserve of tables. The restaurant has its own convenient parking. The highlight of the restaurant is live music, which makes the atmosphere of the place warm and lively.

apricot restaurant saint petersburg

The restaurant "Apricot" in St. Petersburg can be entrusted with the organization of any banquet. The time spent in this institution will give only the most pleasant emotions and memories.