Cooked corn is a favorite treatonly children, but also adults. And to make it really delicious, juicy and soft, it must be properly chosen and cooked. After all, nobody will like to chew dry hard grains! This article will help us find the answer to the question of how and how much to cook corn for the young.

How to choose?

how much to cook corn young

Ask the seller what the corn is in front ofyou. The most delicious varieties are Anava, Golden Fleece, Aurica and Viola. It is best to give preference to small cobs of corn. And to check whether she is not overreacting, it is necessary to separate from her one grain and try to crush it in her hand. If it is soft and juicy, then you can be sure that you made the right choice - the corn is young! And if the grain is dry and firm, boldly move this cob aside. Such corn is either overridden, or simply cut off from the root long ago. Of course, it has not lost its useful qualities, it will take much more time to prepare it.

How much to cook a young corn?

It is necessary to detect the time exactly from the moment whenonly the water in the saucepan boils. On average, the cooking time of the ears does not exceed 45 minutes. Mature corn differs in the color of the seeds, they have a pronounced yellow hue. And the young - almost white or pale yellow.

How correctly to cook a young corn?

how much to cook a young corn

The first thing the cob is cleaned from leaves andwashed under running water. Here it is necessary to take into account one important point: do not throw out the corn tops. It is useful for us to lay the bottom of the pan where corn will be cooked. Leaves play the role of seasoning. They will give corn a special flavor, as well as protect against possible burning. So, the leaves and the cobs are already in the pan, now you can pour the water - it should completely cover them. Add salt (1 teaspoonful of tea per 1 liter of water), cover with a lid and put it on the fire. As soon as the water boils, the question immediately arises as to how much to cook corn for the young. It comes to the ready it's pretty fast, usually it takes 15-20 minutes. But as for mature corn, it is brewed much longer. If you like soft grains, then to the full readiness it is necessary to keep it on fire 45-60 minutes, and if solid, then enough is enough. 30 Well, now you know how much to cook corn young and mature. Important! Salt when cooking a mature corn is not necessary! It can become hard. Only after full readiness, already before serving it should be rubbed with salt. This will give the corn a bright and incomparable taste.

How to determine readiness?

We already know how much to cook cornyoung, but if you still doubt its readiness, you can just test it, without directly removing it from the fire. To do this, take a fork and try to pick it up with a few grains. If they are easily separated and tasted soft and juicy, then the corn has reached its readiness and can be removed from the slab.

boil young corn


1. In order for corn to remain soft and juicy even the next day, the broth in which it was cooked should not be poured from the pan. Keep corn right in it, only in the cold.

2. Serve the table corn hot, pre-lubricated with cream or olive oil. It will become even more tender and fragrant.

Well, now you know how much to cook corn for the young and how best to serve it to the table. Bon Appetit!