One of the most favorite dishes of a cheerful feast, inespecially when going out of town, on a picnic - this, of course, shish kebab. Everyone loves him. This dish can gather around itself a good company, and it will very much bring together the family and friends. However, there is not always an opportunity to go to nature. And if you are interested in how to cook shish kebab in the oven, then there are recipes, according to which it will also turn out to be very good. There are many ways to prepare this dish.

If you chose the recipe "Shish kebab in the oven," it will be important to clearly observe all the conditions - and you will succeed.

So, the main condition is of course meat. Shish kebabs are made from different kinds of meat. However, it is better to prepare it in the oven suitable for young pork or lamb. Veal will do, in contrast to beef. Of course, it is desirable that the meat was fresh.

Further, it is very important to have a small piece of fresh pork or fatty fat.

The third condition of a good shish kebab: meat before cutting is required to be cleaned of veins, tendons, films. The flesh itself needs to be cut into small pieces, the size of a walnut, so that they are almost the same in size. Even smaller it is necessary to cut the fat. It should be almost as many pieces as meat.

Cut the lard and meat into a large bowl andwe cut the onion into it: one pound of meat per one pound of meat. Then we start pickling, as well as for traditional shish kebabs. Meat should be slightly podolit and pepper red pepper, add a pinch of ground zira and a pinch of ground coriander seeds, a little turmeric, lightly sprinkle the meat with a weak vinegar to give the shish kebab a kind of flavor, then squeeze the lemon. Then the meat is thoroughly mixed, the bowl is covered with a lid and marinated for at least an hour, at this time heating the oven.

At a time when the oven is heating up, and the meatmarinated, start serving the dish for the upcoming shish kebab. First we need to prepare onions, for which we slice several bulbs in thin rings, rinse them in cold water several times, add finely chopped greens, a pinch of pepper and a small amount of lemon juice or weak vinegar. Pickled meat should be strung on a skewer approximately 40 cm long, so that they fit in the oven.

The fourth condition is if you use a recipe"Shish kebab in the oven": a piece of meat on the skewer should alternate with a slice of fat, finish stitching should always be a piece of fat. Do not string very closely.

If you do not know how to cook a shish kebab in the oven,then it's best to do this on a frame that can be inserted in place of a baking tray, skewers are placed on it. However, before you put the skewer on the frame, you need to prepare a pan, which will be located directly under the shish kebab. It is necessary to fasten a couple of sheets of foil, populate it with a baking tray and lay on it a few slices of thinly sliced ​​fat in an arbitrary order. This is another important condition if you use the recipe "Shish kebab in the oven."

Now it is necessary to lay the shish kebabs on the grill so that there is a distance between them, and put everything in the oven heated to 250 degrees.

During frying on foil with shish kebabs will dripfirst the juice, then the lard. Shashlik from the top will begin to bake intensively, and the bottom of this active baking will lag slightly behind. Gradually, the fat, laid on the foil and spreading over it, will restrain the smoking of fat dripping from the shish kebabs. This is what we need, as soon as the top of the shish kebabs is gilded, they will have to be turned over with a toasted side down and wait until the fat on the foil gives smoke. It will start quite quickly. As soon as bacon will only give smoke, a frame along with shish kebabs, also a baking sheet with foil should be taken out of the oven.

If you correctly used the recipe "Shish kebab in the oven", then you can serve the prepared dish to the table, first sprinkling it with prepared onions.