Most people on the eve of the New Year dream,certainly, about a miracle, but also do not forget about a celebratory feast. To meet this holiday in a good mood, it is necessary only with love to lay a table on which must be present a lot of delicious dishes, and celebrate it in the circle of close people.

Undoubtedly, New Year's appetizers and salads can be very different, everything here depends on the imagination of the hostess. Consider some dishes that can decorate any New Year's table.

Cheese appetizer

Ingredients: two cloves of garlic and cream cheese, one package of crab sticks (can be replaced with crab meat), mayonnaise.

The cheese is rubbed on an average grater, the garlic is ground,Crab sticks cut into small strips (two centimeters). Cheese, garlic and mayonnaise are mixed, put on the palm of some of this mixture, above it - a crab stick, and form a ball. Thus, when all the balls are formed, they are crumbled in crushed crab sticks and put on a dish.

New Year's appetizers: "Male Caprice"

Ingredients: two hundred grams of boiled veal, one hundred grams of cheese, three boiled eggs, one boiled potato, one pickled onion, boiled carrots, mayonnaise and green onions.

This appetizer is prepared by layers: veal, diced, finely chopped onions, potatoes, cut into cubes, eggs, diced, grated cheese. All layers must be smeared with mayonnaise.

Over the cheese in a circle lay large circlescarrots, on which from mayonnaise it is necessary to write figures from one to twelve, from the green bow make arrows, so that the dial turns out.

New Year's appetizers: "Queen Tamara"

Ingredients:10 grams of parsley and dill, a pound of broccoli, one clove of garlic, one hundred grams of walnuts, one hundred grams of mayonnaise, one hundred and fifty grams of gouda cheese and thirty grams of cranberry, waffle horns.

Broccoli is rubbed on a large grater andmixed with crushed nuts and grated cheese. Garlic crushed and mixed with cranberries, add to cabbage, filling everything with sauce and seasoning with spices. Then the minced hams are stuffed with minced meat, which are then installed in the form of Christmas trees on a dish, decorated with greens and mayonnaise.

New Year's appetizers: spicy sandwiches with meat

Ingredients:two onions, two tablespoons of sugar, one spoonful of olive oil, half a kilogram of meat tenderloin, three tablespoons of hot pepper (can be replaced with paprika), creamy butter, two cloves of garlic, two spoons of horseradish, as well as salt, greens and French baguettes.

Onions cut into cubes, fried in oil fiveminutes, then add sugar and fry until golden brown. Meat is sliced, salted, rubbed with garlic, pepper and baked or fried. In the dishes mix butter and horseradish and spread this mixture of pieces of baguette, which after baking in the oven for five minutes. On the dried baguette lay meat and onions, sprinkling with herbs.

New Year's appetizers: "Caprese"

Ingredients: one package of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, a bunch of fresh basil, two tablespoons olive oil, two spoons of wine vinegar.

On a wooden skewer thread:two tomatoes, a cheese ball, a basil leaf. Thus, all skewers are laid on a dish. Separately, in the dishes, beat the butter with vinegar and pour this mixture into the snack immediately before serving.

Of course, every New Year assumes the existencea certain dish in accordance with the eastern calendar, but not every hostess adheres to this rule. Thus, appetizers for the New Year's table can be varied, the main thing is that they are cooked with love and warmth. Have a fun holiday!