Shaurma (shaverma, shavarma) is an oriental dish,in its composition and appearance similar to Mexican Burito. It is unpretentious in preparation and belongs to the category of the fastest dishes. In eastern countries, only lamb or camel meat is used as filling, but Russian culinary specialists use different types of meat. Predominantly in the course is the chicken. It is available, low-calorie and tasty. With chicken meat, a nutritious and juicy shawarma is obtained. How to cook a real shawarma at home, we will tell below.

shaurma how to cook

The obligatory components of this dish aredifferent spices, and the sharper, the better. Usually black, red pepper, turmeric, and zira are added. There are a lot of greenery: dill, parsley and coriander - they give the shawarma freshness. Depending on the taste priorities, green onions and garlic can be added. In eastern shawarma, there is neither mayonnaise nor ketchup - this technology is inherent only to Russian traders who introduced their innovations in order to facilitate the process and shorten cooking time.

For juiciness, the dish is watered with kefir orsour cream sauce with garlic. In principle, there are many interpretations on the preparation of shawarma. In summer, you can put only fresh vegetables in pita bread - you will get a vegetarian shawarma. How to cook a vegetable dish? Very simple. We take any vegetables and wrap it in lavash - there is nothing complicated. Meat can be replaced with fish, meat semi-products or ordinary sausages - a simple snack on a quick hand. And how to make a delicious shawarma from meat, you will learn below.

how to cook delicious shawarma

Products: chicken fillet (100 g), potatoes (2 pcs.), marinated cucumber (5 rings), tomato, Korean carrots (a pair of spoons), cheese (100 g), coriander, dill, curry, black pepper, Armenian lavash. Before buying lavash you need to make sure that it is whole, without holes. If desired, it can be prepared at home by yourself from an unleavened dough. Yes, and Korean salads can be replaced with fresh cucumbers, so it will be more useful shaurma. How to make garlic sauce for her, we will tell.

So, cut the small cubes of meat. It is not necessary to take a chicken, absolutely any meat is suitable for a dish. Chicken fillet fry in vegetable oil, add curry and pepper. Potatoes cut into thin blocks, like fries. Fry in a lot of oil and put it on a napkin to stack excess fat. Salted cucumbers cut into mugs. We rub the cheese on the grater.

how to cook shawarma

We prepare pita bread, in the middle we spread everythingingredients, sliced ​​greens and wrapped in the form of a roll. Before serving, you can fry. It is not recommended to reheat in the microwave oven. That's how delicious shawarma turned out. How to cook a suitable sauce for her? Very simply, for this we need:

- 50 g of kefir, sour cream, mayonnaise;

- Coriander, curry, coriander, parsley, dill, black pepper;

- garlic (6 denticles).

Squeeze out the garlic, mix with all the ingredients,put in the refrigerator to insist. Here's how to properly prepare shawarma and sauce for it. Shawarma is suitable for both white and red sauces. For red, you can take ketchup or tomato paste, mix with garlic and herbs. And those who are too lazy to cook can buy it in any supermarket.