If earlier Krasnaya Polyana was originalsettlement, now it has turned into a small resort town in the Adler district, attracting thousands of tourists every year. And what do you need for a good rest? A good "excursion", a high level of service and a place where you can eat delicious and budget.

Krasnaya Polyana: restaurants, cafes and bars

The choice of institutions is very wide. During the day, tourists dine in places of their rest in particular, on the lifts and slopes, and the evening meal, as a rule, takes place in a hotel, a hotel or a boarding house.

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Restaurants of Krasnaya Polyana are not only inthe village itself and in its surroundings, but also on the slopes. The reason for this arrangement was that people come here to relax all year round, so cafes, bars and other similar establishments are always in demand.

Check that blew up the Internet

After the fall of last year in the networkposted a photo of the check for a meal at 10550 rubles, the restaurant "Chalet" (Krasnaya Polyana) became the most discussed institution in RuNet. People could not hide their surprise, and judging by their comments, the question arose of where it was cheaper to spend a vacation: abroad or at home? But first things first...

The amount indicated in the check surprised many. It turns out that the cost of the dish in the restaurant "Chalet" is on average 600-650 rubles. The price of a bottle of water without gas 250, it was she who caused general indignation. But, as the Moscow restaurateurs say, it is cheap, because in Moscow its cost is 600 rubles.

Internet users living in Sochi, recalled,that the restaurant is considered one of the luxury in the region, so the prices indicated in the check do not surprise them. But network critics did not stop either the level of the institution or its resort location. Commentators divided into two camps: some consider a check a fake, others claim that this is another boast of a well-to-do guest of the Caucasus.

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Restaurant "Chalet" (Krasnaya Polyana), which was aboutspeech, opened in 2007, the day when the city of Sochi was declared the capital of the Winter Olympics. The refined establishment is built in the traditional style of Alpine buildings. The building itself looks quite simple and without any frills. Inside there are 2 small halls, decorated in light colors, creating for visitors a light, airy and weightless atmosphere. On the top floor you will see an incredible panoramic view of the mountain slopes, which makes the meal romantic and unforgettable. In the summer, a veranda opens with a view of the fantastic waterfall and a pond with rainbow trout.

Despite the flurry of criticism, the institution is still considered the most worthy and best place in Krasnaya Polyana.

2200 meters above sea level

Restaurant "Brusnik" (Krasnaya Polyana) -the only institution located at the highest resort point, and to its merits is the magnificent view that opens onto the Caucasian ridge, from which breathtaking.

A cozy place consists of two rooms. The first is designed in the style of casual and suitable for family events, the interior of the second resembles an Empire style.

The menu is varied, and, thanks to the skill of the chef, dishes and desserts are notable for their unusual. The average check is about 1500 rubles.

red bilberry restaurant

If other restaurants in Krasnaya Polyana worklate, then "Cowberry" closes at 5 pm. From 13:00 to 15:00 there is a sold-out, because during this period usually come skiers and snowboarders. Therefore, the best time to visit the restaurant is the morning hours.

Restaurant-bar "Grusha"

As you know, prices in restaurants in Krasnaya Polyana(especially on the ski slopes) sometimes bite, but not in the "Grusha". It is not located at such an altitude as "Cowberry", but it has the same advantages - an impressive panorama behind the windows, a good and varied menu, and also popularity among skiers.

The interior of the restaurant is more like a warehouse: high ceilings with plaster, rough wooden furniture, untreated (at first glance) metal decor elements, but thanks to the cute and cute waiters, cheerful music and cozy atmosphere everything seems harmonious and harmonious.

Pleased with the fact that the team of cooksworks with seasonal products. The way of serving dishes in the institution is modern and unusual. For example, pumpkin soup is served with green meringue crumbs and a couple of pear slices, and, as the visitors say, it's not only beautiful, but also delicious!

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The basis of the menu is classic: pizza, pasta, soups, burgers, that is all that a person who likes to ride on snowy tracks likes and loves.

By the way, the bar is open until late at night and offers a good range of alcoholic beverages. Judging by the opinions of visitors, the atmosphere here is friendly.

"Amshensky Dvor"

Restaurants of Krasnaya Polyana are notable for the fact that, in addition to beautiful design and delicious cuisine, you can learn about the rich history of the Krasnodar Territory. These include the Amshensky Dvor.

This is not a restaurant, but a real fairy tale, a storywhich is hidden behind the interior, decoration and cooking. It is located near the road, and here it is worth to come only because the building is built in the form of a wooden ship, inside of which there is a museum telling the amazing history of the Caucasus and its people.

The walls of the hall are decorated with cold weapons (daggers, swords). A huge chandelier on the ceiling, a large fireplace in the center of the hall and a niche with clay statuettes arranged in harmony complement each other.

As for the menu, it always has khachapuri, shish kebab, lamb ribs, dolma and suluguni cheese. From spirits you will be offered wine from your own vineyards of the establishment and a real chacha.

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Regular visitors of the "Amshensky court" are politicians, businessmen, pop stars, athletes and deputies. Despite such a composition of customers, the cost of food is quite acceptable.

The best on "Rose Farm"

No less good and interesting restaurants of Krasnaya Polyana are in the resort zone "Rosa Khutor".

All fans and fans of steak necessarilyyou need to visit the establishment of Black Bar & Grill. Thanks to the skill of the chef, an ordinary piece of meat under an insanely tasty sauce turns into an exquisite culinary miracle. With a choice of wine will help sommelier, and modern interior design will become a source of positive emotions.

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Feel the spirit of Europe and enjoy the scent of the livingflowers, decorating each table, you can only in the restaurant The Amsterdam. The menu, interior design, style of service - everything reminds of liberated Holland. In addition to the delicious dishes prepared by the team of the British chef, positive emotions will give a view of the Mzymta river, light background music and a rich bar menu.

For those born in the USSR

No matter how good and beautifulrestaurants of Krasnaya Polyana, there is one institution offering a purely Soviet menu. The interior is definitely decorated in the Stalin Empire, which means that the walls are decorated with Persian carpets, and in the corner there is a Czechoslovak wall familiar to every Soviet citizen. In general, if you want to spend an evening in the style of nostalgia, then welcome to the "Friendship".

And finally

What else can you say about restaurants in RedGlades? Reviews about them are mostly positive and flattering. Tourists like the panoramic view, opening from the windows, delicious and hearty food, a variety of national dishes, the atmosphere and the level of attendants. The only drawback, according to people, are slightly inflated prices, but, on the advice of experienced travelers, you can eat only in the vicinity of Krasnaya Polyana, where the cost of food is little, but lower.