Are you, Russian guests, interested in Russian restaurants? "Manor" in Tsaritsyno - one of the best options. You will find detailed information about this and some other institutions in the article.

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general information

Like other old restaurants, the "Manor" in Tsaritsyno gives its visitors an opportunity to taste delicious dishes of Russian cuisine, as well as to travel during the reign of Catherine II.

For celebrating family celebrations and weddingsthe restaurant "Usadba" (Tsaritsyno) is ideally suited. How to get there? You can take the metro, the terminal station Tsaritsyno. Then we go to the address: st. Dolsky, 10, p. 1. A cozy two-story building with a summer outbuilding can be seen from afar.


What is famous for Moscow restaurants? "Manor" in Tsaritsyno, for example, includes several spacious halls. The restaurant looks modest in appearance. But its interior decorates with its splendor. And this is typical for many metropolitan restaurants.

We list the halls that can be rented at any time:

  1. Cavalry. It accommodates 40 people. This is an excellent option for holding corporate parties. The hall has a separate exit to the inner courtyard, where you can refresh yourself or retreat for conversation.
  2. Fireplace. Cozy atmosphere contributes to the successfulfamily holidays. The hall with bright blue walls and ceiling arches holds up to 80 people. Opposite the room there is a bar where cocktails and hot drinks are sold.
  3. Green. A large table can accommodate 25 people. In the adjacent room, guests can dance or, conversely, retire in silence.
  4. Ekaterininsky. A spacious hall with a luxurious interior is an ideal place for celebrating weddings. Its capacity is up to 90 people.
  5. Red. A small room with a seating area is designed for 20 guests. A large table, bright decor elements and antique furniture - all this creates a cozy home atmosphere.

Everywhere there are pictures with pictures depicted on themracers, as well as portraits of Russian emperors. A special atmosphere is created by lighting devices: luxurious chandeliers and elegant sconces. Traditionally, candles are present on the tables.

manor of tsaritsyno how to reach


The chef and his assistants are excellent at preparingdishes of Russian and Old Russian cuisine. In the "Homestead" guests can try sturgeon "In a royal way", salad "Pomeshchy", "Petrovsky Shchi". The menu always has meat and fish delicacies, seafood dishes.

Near the restaurant there is a summer cafe where you can order refreshing drinks, desserts, light snacks and fruit sliced. Prices here are very democratic.

Other Russian Restaurants in Moscow

Guests of the capital have the right to choose where they need to rest and eat. We offer you several options: restaurants, which serve exclusively Russian cuisine.

Restaurants of Russian cuisine in Moscow


The institution is located in the north-west of Moscow forto the address: st. Mnevniki, p. 41, building. № 1. At the restaurant "Ermak" recreated the atmosphere of the ancient Russian way of life. The premises are decorated with spinning wheels, cast-iron pots and krynkas. Here serve a bear cub on coals, pancakes with black caviar and our national drinks (cranberry juice, liqueurs and vigorous kvass).

"Russian Compound"

This cozy family restaurant is located on theSimferopol Boulevard. From the metro station "Varshavskaya" and "Kakhovskaya" you can reach it in minutes. The chef offers visitors to taste its specialties: salmon dumplings, herring forcemeat, pike cutlets and "Podvorie" salad. In the menu there are always light salads, delicious snacks, soups and meat delicacies.


We presented the best Moscow restaurants - "Usadba" in Tsaritsyno, "Ermak" and "Russian Compound". All of them boast chic interiors, exquisite menu and the highest service.