In the city of Kurgan enougha number of various restaurants and cafes, as well as bars and similar establishments where you can have a good time and at the same time try really delicious dishes. Today we will go to this city in order to conduct a brief overview of the institution called "Play Cafe". Let's start right now!

basic information

First of all, it should be noted that "Play Cafe" inKurgan is located at: Pichugin St., Building 9. In the territory of this institution you can taste dishes of mixed, Japanese, Italian, European and Russian cuisines. By the way, in addition it is worth noting that the average check for one client here is about 500 rubles.

"Play Cafe" (Kurgan)

It is also worth mentioning that the staff of the cafedelivers food to the address. In addition, the entire territory of the institution operates wireless Internet, and pay for your order, the visitor has the right bank card.

Here you can conduct a variety ofevents dedicated to the wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation party or any other solemn event. In order to reserve a room, find out certain information or clarify something, you need to contact the cafe administrator. This can be done in accordance with the schedule of the institution.

As for the hours of work, here it is worth noting that the "Play Cafe" in Kurgan works every day without holidays from 6 pm to 6 am.


On the official site of the institution is representedA large menu in which you can find soups, hot dishes, Chinese raznosoly, Japanese rice, Italian pasta, snacks, pizzas, desserts, drinks, rolls (including hot ones), sushi, sauces, salads.

For example, if you came to an institution in order,to have a bite, in this case you need to pay attention to salads. So, here you can order "Greek" for 209 rubles., "Caesar" with chicken (259 rubles), "Vintage" for 189 rubles., "Caesar" with shrimps (299 rubles).

"Play Cafe" (Kurgan): the menu

At the same time, if you are interested in soups, you can try borsch for 99 rubles, ear (129 rubles), okroshka (99 rub.), Mushroom cream soup for 199 rubles., Solyanka (99 rub.) And egg broth for 89 rubles.


It is quite logical that the "Play Cafe" institution inThe mound menu is quite extensive, because there is a large selection of dishes of world cuisines. If you like Italian dishes, then for sure you want to order pizza. In this case, you can try: Barbecue, Bacon Em, Four Seasons, Play Cafe, Meat, Margarita, Hawaiian, Greek, Italian, Mexican, "Four cheeses".

It is worth noting that the cost of each species varies from 299 to 359 rubles per pizza, the diameter of which is 30 centimeters.


If you want to apply to "Play Cafe" (Kurgan),delivery in that case you are exactly interested. On the official site of the institution there is a special section called "Delivery conditions". There is a map, which is divided into four zones.

"Play Cafe" (Kurgan): delivery

  • Zone 1 is marked in green. In this case, there is no minimum order amount, and the cost of delivery when ordering up to 500 rubles. is 130 rubles. If the amount is more than 500 rubles, then the delivery is free of charge.
  • Zone 2 is highlighted in yellow. Here the minimum order amount is 500 rubles, and when ordering from 500 to 1,000 rubles. the cost of delivery is 130 rubles. If the order is made for an amount exceeding 1,000 rubles, delivery is free of charge.
  • Zone 3 is marked in blue. The minimum order amount is 500 rubles. When placing an order for up to 1 500 rubles. bringing the dishes will cost 200 rubles. When ordering more than 1.5 thousand rubles, delivery is free of charge.
  • Zone 4 is represented in red. In this case, the minimum order amount is 500 rubles, and the shipping cost will be 300 rubles. when ordering up to 2 000. If the order amount exceeds 2 000 rub. - Delivery is free.

Choose your favorite products and place an order. Bon Appetit!