Why do we use to prepare variousdishes from fish, meat or vegetables, breadcrumbs or claret? Yes, in order for the products to preserve their juices, so that the appearance of the dish is appetizing, as the claret and breading create a crispy crust on the product. Prepare-ka according to my recipes, chops from pork in batter, from liver, from chicken.

Recipe the first: chicken chops in batter

Take a kilo of chicken fillet (you can and breastchicken), cut it into portions and cut it off from both sides. Having seasoned, pepper chicken pieces, put them aside and start to cook batter. Mixing mayonnaise with eggs (1.5 tablespoons of mayonnaise messes and one egg), whisk this mixture well. In a separate container, two cups of breadcrumbs are well mixed with one spoonful of red sweet pepper, which is also called paprika. Thus, we have obtained two mixtures: bread crumb and batter.

Having heated on a strong fire a frying pan with oilvegetable, dipping chicken pieces in batter, and then in the breading mixture and fry from both sides. By the time it's not very long: it takes five minutes for each side to be roasted. Served such meat with boiled potatoes or vegetables stewed. If you do not like dietary chicken meat, cook this pork chops in batter and breaded. A simple and quick recipe for a juicy dish with an appetizing crust, crispy and golden, like many hostesses.

The second recipe: liver chopped in batter

If the refrigerator of meat products, exceptliver, nothing, let's make chops from the liver in batter. Pork or beef liver (half a kilo) is cleaned from the film, cut into thin plates, lightly beat off, and then salt and pepper. Bay these pieces of milk, put aside on the clock for an hour (you can and in the refrigerator). In the meantime, the bulb is cut and wessed in sunflower oil. After an hour, remove the milk from the milk, dunk it into flour, then into the egg, whipped before it, and fry in a skillet with butter. Passerized onions are added to the liver and mixed. When it was time to serve the chop liver in the batter on the table, sprinkle it with the cut greens.

Recipe the third: chops from pork in batter

Do you like spicy dishes? Then chops from pork in batter can be prepared as follows. Not completely frozen pieces of pork are cut into plates and beat off. Sprinkling them with crushed garlic and a few types of peppers (black, white, red, etc.) and dipping into flour and eggs, fry in vegetable oil on both sides. There is a variant of the recipe for batter: pepper meat is not rubbed, and spices are added to the batter and mixed. The third method of cooking batter: whipped mayonnaise with fragrant spices. One is typical for any type of batter - it should be thicker than sour cream and remind more consistency of the pancake test. Beating such a liquid breading can be as a whisk by hand, and in modern kitchen appliances: a mixer or a blender. The main thing is that the resulting mixture should be homogeneous, without any lumps.

You noticed that we did not salted the meat in the lastprescription? Try to do so - and you will understand that salt (whose damage is proved by scientists) is not necessary in every dish. In meat, as in other products, there are mineral salts and other useful substances. Therefore, it is enough sometimes just a few spices of different and spices to make the dish tasty, and even fragrant from herbs and beautiful in appearance from their color range.

Ready-made pork chops are incrediblyjuicy, also look appetizing. Lay them on a plate, sprinkle with herbs and serve with fresh, pickled or salted vegetables. This dish is well combined with pasta. You can serve it as a separate dish.