In one of the TV programs, they told how to make meatballs in sauce. Recipe really liked and caught on in my culinaryNotepad. With rice or without, they are a welcome guest on our table. Preparation of a dish does not take much time. The cooking process is very simple, and even an amateur culinary expert will be able to cope with it.

It is noteworthy that for this dish is suitable minced meat from any meat, in the described recipes are given different options in which gravy is a fundamental component and forms the final taste.

Meatballs with sauce and sour cream

For minced meat we will need:
chicken meat (but you can also pork or pork with beef) - 700-600 grams;
garlic - to taste and desire;
onion - 1 piece;
rice - 300 grams.

Chicken meatballs in sour cream sauce are the children's favorite food. On a garnish to them potatoes, macaroni products are good.

Let's get started. Prepared meat, it is better that it was moderately fat - we will turn in the meat grinder simultaneously with the onion. Boil the rice in water with a little salt. Rice broth salt. But do not pour - it will be needed later for the sauce. Rice is mixed with minced meat, salt, add spices and pepper to taste. To be juicy, we will add a few spoons of tomato paste or kefir to the stuffing.

We make neat balls of small diameter. We pour them in flour or any other breading and fry in a hot frying pan in oil on both sides until the crust is baked.

Prepare the sauce. It will require a rice broth, sour cream 1 glass, you can vegetables - fresh carrots and bell peppers. Mix the broth with sour cream, add crushed vegetables.

We spread the meatballs in a saucepan evenly (notuse enameled). Fill the prepared sauce so that they are about half covered. If the sauce is small, add more water. And simmer on medium heat for about 20 minutes until cooked.

Meatballs in creamy sauce with mushrooms

We need for stuffing:

meat for minced meat - pork - 700 grams;
white bread or bun, previously soaked in milk -100 grams;
egg - 1 pc.

For the sauce we need the following ingredients:

butter - 100 gr;
dry forest mushrooms - 20 gr;
flour - 1-1.5 tbsp;
cream - 0.5 liters;
1 small grated carrot.

Before preparing the stuffing, take the crusheddry mushrooms, fill with cold water (so that it closes them) and put on the quietest fire. The next 20 minutes or a little more, until they are thoroughly soaked and thickened, we are engaged in other stages of cooking.

Cooking stuffing. Meat is cut into convenient pieces and scrolled in a meat grinder along with bread previously soaked. Onions should be crumbled finely and finely and added to meat.
Boil the rice in salt water, slightly not bringingits up to readiness. Cool and mix with minced meat. Add the same raw egg, salt to taste, pepper and other spices. Squeeze through the press garlic. Mix everything well until smooth.

We make small balls and cook for a couple, until they are ready. If in the microwave, then it's about seven minutes at maximum power.

Let's make sauce.In a skillet, melt and heat the oil, add the carrots. Then flour, and all together fry. Then gently pour a thin trickle of cream (you can and milk), stirring constantly, so that not had time to form lumps.

Now in the sauce you need to add the sodden mushrooms, carefully, constantly stirring. We try the sauce and, if necessary, even dosalivayem. Add a little nutmeg. We connect together and prepare for another 15 minutes.

Meatballs in creamy sauce

A highlight of our sauce will add turmeric.These are the crushed roots of plants that have a bright yellow color. Curcuma came to us from India. There it is added to rice, to vegetables, to different soups, sauces - to give an unusual taste and to acquire a characteristic yellow color. Also, turmeric is used in baking, which gives the finished products a beautiful golden color. Store it in a tightly closed sealed container so that it does not lose flavor.

For this recipe we need:

250 g of prepared stuffing;
1 onion head;
2 boiled potatoes;
40-50 g of butter;
15 g of flour;
250 ml broth on meat;
250 ml of cream.

To cook meatballs in a creamy sauce,melted butter in a frying pan. Then gently add flour and a pinch of turmeric. Constantly stirring, in small portions we pour broth. Without stopping the stirring, let's puff a little more. When the sauce has thickened well, pour in cream, a little salt and boil it.

Separately we pass onions in small quantitiesvegetable oil to transparency. While the onion is fried, crush the potatoes to mash. Then we put one spoon of breadcrumbs and a little water in the potatoes. Potatoes, fried onion mixed with ground meat. We also put a little bit of fragrant pepper.

With the help of two dessert spoons soaked in cold water, we will form the balls, pan them in flour and fry in oil from all sides.
Meatballs in creamy sauce are ready, we serve them on a table with a garnish. They are especially good potatoes and vegetable salad.