Soup with mushrooms - this is the favorite of many first course. Recipes and technology for its preparation is a large number. The choice of them will depend on the type of mushrooms and ingredients available in the refrigerator.

It is a well-known fact that of soup borersturns out especially rich and fragrant. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to them when choosing mushrooms. Let's consider in more detail the main variants of recipes.

Classic soup with mushrooms-mushrooms. In order to cook this dish,you need five medium-sized white mushrooms. Thoroughly wash them, cut into medium pieces and put in three liters of boiling water. Cook them over a low heat for an hour. Always remove the formed foam, add salt, a little pepper, cubes of four large potatoes, sprigs of dill and any seasonings to your own taste. Prepare the first dish for another twenty minutes on a small fire under the lid.

In this recipe, you can replace the potato with homemade vermicelli. Soup with mushrooms in this case will be simply unforgettable. In all other respects, the cooking recipe will be identical to the first.

Mushroom soup with croutons. It will take half a kilo of fresh and peeled mushrooms,a large spoonful of flour, a little (six large spoons) of butter, pieces of white bread; salt, seasonings and greens - to taste. Mushrooms chopped, put in boiling and salted water. Cook them for thirty minutes. Next, dilute with warm water a little toasted flour, add to the mushroom broth and cook for another ten minutes. Soup with mushrooms fill with oil. Before serving, put finely chopped greens and ground pepper. Separately cook the croutons on butter, rub them with garlic.

Soup with mushrooms and meat. The dish will take a long time to prepare,but the result will be unrepeatable. It will take: ten white mushrooms, six onions, two hundred grams of pork, four tablespoons of butter, two eggs, two large spoons of flour, a quarter of a glass of milk, a slice of white bread; Salt, seasonings and herbs add to your own taste. Let's start the cooking process.

Mushrooms chop very finely, boil in threeliters of boiling water. The resulting broth and strain it with butter. Then sprinkle onions in oil and put it out a little on a small fire. In the boiled and chopped mushrooms add a toast, slightly soaked in milk bread. In a blender, separately chop the meat and mushroom mixture, and then rinse everything together.

Flour the flour in butter, dilute with boiling watermilk to the state of thick sour cream. Add the sauce to ground, sprinkle a little and pour two eggs. Very good mix everything. From the mass to make small meatballs and boil in boiling salted water. After they come up, spread out on plates, pour mushroom broth, sprinkle with chopped cilantro and dill. It turns out a very fragrant and nutritious dish.

Soup with mushrooms and beans. First we make mashed potatoes. To do this, pour over a glass of beans for the night, then put it in salted water, boil until ready. Warm grains wipe with a sieve or blender along with the broth. Half a cup of cream warm with two large spoons of butter and add to the puree. Separately boil for forty minutes with diced two hundred grams of ceps, and in another pan - one hundred and fifty grams of fresh green peas. Stir the bean mixture with pea, bring to a boil, put any seasonings to taste. If you want to get a more liquid dish, pour a little warmed cream. Puree pour on plates, put a little mushrooms and sprinkle with herbs. Soup with mushrooms turned out very appetizing.