A proven recipe - a sweet sausage with chocolate- pleases us since childhood. Even now, when in the confectionery shops you can find a lot of varieties for all tastes, this simple dish of cookies is popular.

sweet sausage recipe
In addition, the traditional recipe for sweet sausagewith condensed milk can be slightly upgraded, giving it the flavor of a coconut bar "Bounty". Also, your coffee and milk taste of this delicacy will vary your dessert table.

Coffee sweet sausage

A recipe with a photo will help to see how the textureThe dessert varies depending on the ingredients added to it. First, let's prepare a coffee treat with halva, and then milk (with roasted peanuts). Even if you do not like cookies, in this dish it will play with new colors, becoming a material for sweet sausage. You will need the usual shortbread - sugar or milk. Well suited "Jubilee" in the packs. It needs two hundred and fifty grams. This is a very simple and beautiful recipe. Sausage sweet is easy to make, does not require heat treatment, so you can cook it with the children. They will enjoy not only absorbing delicacy, but also taking part in activities in the kitchen. You need a hundred and twenty-five grams of halva, coffee beans and water. For the first stage of cooking, you need a small grater or a meat grinder.

 recipe for sweet sausage with condensed milk
With its help you need to grind the biscuits first, andthen halva. The latter can be taken flavored or with raisins. But with simple halva it will turn out very tasty. You can add cocoa for lovers of chocolate flavor. Then cook strong coffee from seven teaspoons of ground powder and half a liter of cold water. Pour a hundred milligrams of the ready-made drink into a dry mixture for sausage (for children you can replace coffee with milk). Mix the mass - it should become homogeneous and strongly stick to the hands. In the food package, give it the shape of a sausage, wrap it more tightly and put it in the refrigerator for two hours (or half an hour in the freezer). For a lean version of this dessert, simply select a biscuit, in which there are no animal fats.
sweet sausage recipe with photo

The second recipe: a sweet sausage with peanuts

Take the same amount of cookies as inthe first recipe. Fry in a dry frying pan half a cup of peanuts for seven minutes. Grind the cookies. With nuts peel off and split them in half. Mix biscuits, peanuts, add one hundred and thirty grams of milk, pour in two and a half tablespoons of cocoa (you can more if you want a more intense taste). Try the mixture - if it seems to you not sweet enough, stir the sugar in a little milk and add. Form sausage and refrigerate. Serve, cut into thin slices.

The original recipe: a sweet sausage with a taste of the Bounty bar

Take two hundred grams of biscuits, half a glasswater and the same amount of sugar, two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa, a teaspoon of cognac (optional ingredient). For the coconut layer, you need eighty grams of coconut chips and the same amount of butter and sugar powder. For the chocolate part, grind the biscuits, mix with the cocoa, made of sugar and water with syrup and cognac. Lay on parchment or foil, form a rectangle up to three millimeters high. Coconut shavings with butter and powder mix, evenly put on top of the chocolate mixture. Collapse the roll and chill.