Well, what Ukrainian does not like bacon? In this country it is even called "vitamin C", however, in Russia it is no less popular. Today it is proved that it is a curative product, since it has acid in the composition that participate in the formation of cells, as well as selenium, which is indispensable in the course of internal processes in the human body. Previously, this product was intended only for the poor, so they learned to prepare meals, as they say, from what is. But soon the fat became a dish for all categories of people, now it is prepared in different ways: salted, marinated, smoked and so on. Today we will talk about how to make pickled lard, the recipes for cooking it are very simple and do not require much time.

A simple recipe for pickling lard

Ingredients: two hundred grams of fat, onions, one and a half tablespoons of table vinegar, salt and spices to taste.


Lard cut into pieces, put in bowls, on top place the rings cut into rings, salt and pepper, carefully pour vinegar over the entire surface. This piece is left for half an hour and is served to the table.

pickled bacon recipes

If the pickled fat, the recipes of which wewe consider, preparing for the winter, then it is first scalded with boiling water, then poured cold brine (five liters of boiling water take a kilogram of salt). The dishes are cleaned for three days, after which the brine is changed to a new one. On the sixth day, the marinade is changed again and the product is sprinkled with salt. On the ninth day, the brine is drained, and the fat is dipped in salt from all sides, wrapped in cellophane and placed in a cold storage place.

Salo in Zakarpattya

Ingredients: four hundred grams of salted bacon, two onions, one carrot, five cloves of garlic.

For marinade: one glass of water, one spoonful of vinegar, one spoonful of sugar, one spoonful of salt, and also bay leaf and ground pepper, cloves.


Before cooking lard marinated withgarlic, it is necessary to put cut carrots and spices into water, heat to a boil, add vinegar and cool. Fat is cut into pieces and put into bowls, onions are placed onions and garlic cut into half rings, sprinkled with pepper and mixed. All this is poured in a cold marinade and left to stand for one hour at room temperature. After a while, the product can be consumed.

marinated lard

Lard, pickled in Lithuanian

Salo, marinated in a can according to the Lithuanian recipe,it turns out very gentle and fragrant. Imbued with the aromas of spices, it acquires a new, unaccustomed taste. You can try it in six days, but store such a product in the freezer.

Ingredients: eight hundred grams of fat with a layer of meat, one liter of water, two tablespoons of vinegar, six spoonfuls of salt, three bay leaves, as well as sugar, ground pepper and paprika, garlic to taste.


Before making pickled lard, recipeswhich is very diverse, you need to cut it and put it in a jar, fill it with water so that it completely covers it. Next, this water is poured into a saucepan, add vinegar, a little sugar, paprika, ground pepper and bay leaf, as well as sliced ​​garlic and salt to taste. The brine is placed on a fire and heated to a boil, after which it is completely cooled. A cold marinade is poured into the bacon and placed in a cold place for six days. After a time it can be used.

marinated lard with garlic

Salo marinated in brine

This recipe requires fat with a thin skin without any smell. It is recommended to take layers from the back with a thickness of five centimeters, it is possible with streaks of meat.

Ingredients: two kilograms of lard, one head of garlic, one glass of salt, five glasses of water, five bay leaves, peppercorns.


Salo marinated in brine, it turns out verydelicate and delicious. To make it, you must first make a brine. To do this, pour water into the pan, add salt, heat to a boil and completely cool. Meanwhile, they are preparing lard. It is cut into pieces, wiped each with garlic, previously crushed with a knife, and loosely laid in a three-liter jar, shifting with bay leaf and pepper. Then it is all filled with a cold marinade, covered with a towel and left for four days at room temperature to marinate. After a while, the product is removed from the container, put in a bag and placed in a freezer for storage.

marinated lard

Salted, marinated with onion

Ingredients: lard, onion, lard seasoning, salt, vinegar.


Before making pickled lard, recipesthe preparation of which is very simple, it is necessary to freeze it in the freezer beforehand. Then it is cut into pieces, onions cut into half rings. In the dishes spread layers of lard and onions, pouring each salt and seasoning, sprinkling with vinegar. The dishes are covered with a lid and shaken a little, so that everything mixes up. Tare put in a cold place for half an hour, after which the product is ready for use.

Marinated lard is very tasty and healthy, it is perfect as a snack or addition to the first and second dishes.