This salad perfectly satisfies hunger and fitseven those who decided to go on a diet, because the recipe can introduce or remove from it any vegetables, and chicken is a low-calorie product. Greek salad with chicken is filled only with olive oil, so you can not be afraid of extra calories. For those who do not think life without mayonnaise dressing, you can add a spoon-two. If you want and the opportunity to better prepare mayonnaise by yourself - it will not be less tasty, but much more useful, because the ingredients will be natural.

We prepare salads

Each hostess prepares a Greek salad with chickenwith different ingredients. Someone adds pepper, and someone prefers to refuel not with olive oil, but with grape or sesame oil. Here are a few options for the dish.

Greek salad with chicken

The specified ingredients in the recipe are calculated on two portions, if you need more, increase their quantity by 2-3 times.

To prepare a Greek salad with chickentake a few tomatoes, several small cucumbers, "Feta" cheese, gram 60 (but you can take more) and the head of purple onions. Do not forget about the main ingredient - half a kilo of chicken fillet. Further you will need oil for frying (it is better to use olive, as for filling), a spoonful of lemon juice, a gram of 80 olives without pits and without a filling. For spiciness, take a spoonful of oregano (can be dried, you can fresh), a few cloves of garlic, a pinch of pepper and greens (parsley or any other of your choice).

Let's start cooking. The fillet should be washed, cut the skin and fat. While the fillet will dry up, you need to make a marinade: combine pepper, chopped garlic and lemon juice, add butter and oregano, mix. Fillet we put in a sleeve for baking or a usual polyethylene food bag, we pour in marinade there and we tie it. Now it is necessary to twist the package a little, so that the chicken is completely covered with the aroma of the marinade and is soaked in oil.

Greek salad with chicken
Now put the chicken for impregnation in the refrigeratorcamera, do not forget to periodically turn it over (you need to keep at least 4 hours and not longer than a day). Ideally, the chicken can be marinated in the evening, and in the morning to make a salad.

The necessary time has passed and you have pulled out the chicken. Now it needs to be fried in a frying pan or on a grill. If in the first case you can use aromatic marinated oil for cooking, then in the second it needs to be drained. Since the whole chicken will be prepared for a long time, cut it into convenient pieces, plates or cubes.

After frying, the chicken should be put on a napkin, allow to cool slightly and drain excess oil.

Let's start processing the vegetables. They need to be washed, if there is a need to peel off the onions (onions and cucumbers) and cut into large cubes or large arbitrary pieces. Add the fried pieces of chicken, sliced ​​or torn greens and pour all the oil. Top with sprinkled cheese and chopped in half or circles of olives. Here, in fact, everything - a Greek salad with chicken is ready.

we prepare salads
It should be noted that the bird does not have tobe fried - there are options when adding smoked or boiled chicken. To the vegetables, Bulgarian pepper is often added, and cheese "Feta" is replaced with cheese. Decorating the vegetables with lettuce leaves, we'll get another Greek salad with chicken.

Now you know how to tasty and quickly feed unexpected guests or their household. Most importantly, the salad is full of vitamins and useful elements, which are found in vegetables, greens and cheese.