Our usual, well-known potato,turns out, has a good set of useful substances. It contains both potassium and a large set of amino acids. And to preserve the useful properties of potatoes, it should not be fried, but baked. A perfect example of baked potatoes is stuffed potatoes, which we will discuss in this article.

Stuffed potatoes in foil

This is probably the simplest recipe for baked potatoes. You will need only salt, thyme, pepper, garlic oil (or 0.5 cloves of ordinary garlic per 1 potato), mozzarella and potatoes.

If the potatoes are young, you can not clean it. Several times we pierce it with a fork so that it's better to stop, we wrap each potato in foil and about 40 minutes. Bake in the oven. Then unfold and cut into 2 parts. For each half we pour a mixture of cut ingredients and on top - a shabby cheese, and again put in the oven, this time for 5 minutes, so that the mozzarella cheese lightly browned.

Stuffed potatoes with pork

To prepare this dish, you will need at 8potato 200 grams of pork, 1 egg, half a bulb, about 100 grams of hard cheese, 50 grams of unsweetened bun, as much milk and pepper with salt for seasoning.

We boil the potatoes in the peel. When cooked, cut off both tops and select the core, leaving the walls about 1 cm thick. After that, we peel the potatoes and fill it with minced meat. Minced meat is prepared in this way: the meat is scrolled through a meat grinder (you need to make it as small as possible), the egg is also cut very finely, mixed with a bun, soaked in milk, salt, pepper and lightly toasted onion. Potatoes in the filling put on a baking sheet and bake, until not yet blanch. When serving, you need to sprinkle some hot potatoes with grated cheese.

Potatoes stuffed with cheese and mushrooms

This dish is prepared from the following ingredients: for 6-7 fairly large potatoes you will need 100 gr of good cheese, 300 grams of mushrooms, 1 onion and 1 table. l. sour cream and butter. Also you will need black pepper, garlic, salt and greens to your liking.

We peel potatoes and cut them in half. Then, from the halves, we clean the part of the pulp to make the boats in shape. These boats should be put on a baking sheet (cover it with oiled parchment so that they do not burn) and bake for 30 minutes.

Pulp, taken from potatoes, cook and, untilhot, mash with sour cream and butter. Mushrooms fry together with onions, mix with potatoes and add there the shabby cheese and spices, as well as greens. Add this mixture to a half potato, 5 minutes bake in the oven and you will get a very tasty stuffed potato with cheese and mushrooms!

Stuffed potatoes with cheese, rusks and eggs

For 6 portions of this dish you will need 24 potatoes. Cook them in salt water, brush, cut off the tops and gently select the interior, leaving dense walls.

Breadcrumbs (100 gr.) lightly fry in vegetable oil, then add 2 tables to them. l. shabby cheese and 2 small chopped eggs, as well as chopped dill and parsley. Then add half a glass of milk or cream to the mixture, having previously unbuttoned them with the egg, and a spoon of warmed oil. Sprinkle with salt and mix thoroughly. This filling fill the potatoes, cover it with cut tops, put it on a baking tray (do not forget to cover it with parchment and oil it!) And sprinkle with flour a little. Top with potatoes sprinkled with grated cheese and butter. Give the potatoes a little browned in the oven. The remaining minced meat should be mixed with the pulp, taken from the potatoes, add there the chopped egg, flour and salt. Then from this mixture you need to roll balls, roll them in flour and fry in oil. These balls are needed in order to decorate the ready stuffed potatoes on a platter.