Currently, a banal salad "Olivier" orsalad from crab sticks no one is surprised. Moreover, many housewives fundamentally ignore these traditional holiday dishes. And this, in our opinion, is very correct. The person who came to visit you, would like to try something new, original, something that I've never had before to try. And you, in turn, would like to satisfy all the food desires of your guest.

"How to do it? Do you have to master some exotic dishes of Moroccan cuisine? Or try to mix vegetables at random? Or maybe it's a unique design? "- these and other questions revolve in the minds of poor housewives, who tend to be original in everything. We will say to them: breathe deeply! Remember the famous and incredibly wise words: "All ingenious is simple" and proceed.

Moreover, we categorically do not recommend youTo prepare exotic dishes from unimaginable products for mass celebrations. Why? Because exotic, as you must understand, this is an object for an amateur. And if one guest is satisfied with the new special dishes, then another may begin to have problems with digestion, and the third will not even dare to try your culinary delights and will remain hungry. You do not want that, right?

Then you just need to find salad recipes,which will be both original and familiar. So, a similar combination can be obtained only if you cook a dish from the standard, loved by the heart and stomach products. One of these recipes is a chicken salad with cucumbers.

By the way, this dish is also dietary. In general, if you want to keep a figure, cook chicken and cucumber salad more often. Recipes posted in this article will help you.

This salad can be prepared for everyday use, and for any holiday. Some agree that he is extremely similar to the Caesar salad.

In order to prepare a salad with chicken and cucumber, you will need:

Fresh pepper (preferably Bulgarian red), chicken fillet - 100 grams, cucumber - if large, then half of it is enough.

The main counter of this recipe is in the gas station. So, dressing in a salad with chicken and cucumber is prepared from the following ingredients: 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice, a garlic spoon, a teaspoon of sugar, soy sauce - 1 spoon, sesame oil - 1 spoon, salt, black pepper, olive oil - 1 a spoon. And do not forget the sesame seed.

And now briefly go over the stagescooking this interesting meal. Salad with chicken and cucumber is prepared as follows: first chop finely chicken, you can even grate, then the resulting pieces are baked in the oven, pre-lubricated with oil. After that, we cool.

Complexity arises with cucumber: The fact is that he should be in a salad without seeds. Therefore, it is highly recommended, before making a salad with chicken and cucumber, take the trouble to remove the pulp from the green vegetable.

After that we have to peel the Bulgarian pepper. It must be thinly cut: you can dice, you can straw - as dictates your aesthetic taste.

After this, go to the preparation of refueling -the main highlight of the dish. Salad with chicken and cucumber should be dressed as follows: first chop garlic, then pour olive, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt and lemon juice, which you previously wrung out.

And only after that we fill the dressing with salad with chicken and cucumber. Then fry the sesame seeds on a small fire, fill them in a dish, stir. And the dish can be served on the table.

A variant of this salad with celery and raisins is possible. Then do not add Bulgarian pepper and sesame. The rest - cook by analogy. You can decorate a dish with parsley.