Chicken with mushrooms is a great combination, fromwhich can create almost anything, from hot in pots to rolls. Mushrooms can be taken any, and the best option is the use of mushrooms and ceps.

One of the fastest and easiest recipes will bePreparation of chicken baked whole, with potatoes. In order to make such a dish, it will be necessary to marinate the bird in a mixture of salt, lemon juice, pepper and garlic. The most optimal time will be 10-12 hours; But you can coat it and immediately before cooking. We clean small potatoes and cut large mushrooms in large pieces. Now put the chicken in the sleeve for baking; potatoes and champignons placed side by side; it is a little all to grease with mayonnaise. Send the package to a very hot oven, then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees. It will take about an hour to cook the dish. After this, put the hot package in a deep plate and cut it there only. You can invite guests to the table. Chicken with mushrooms and potatoes, baked entirely, will please the family with a magnificent taste and unique aroma. But at the same time the landlady can cook hot and garnish for an hour.

There is also a more complex cooking recipe. In it, the mushrooms will need to be used as fillings for the poultry. Cook the chicken in the same way as in the previous recipe. At this time, mushrooms finely chop, also do with the bulb. Now you need to fry them in a deep saucepan, fill the resulting mixture with the abdomen of the chicken and tie the legs. The bottom of the form is laid with fragrant greens (thyme, mint, dill), put the chicken and on the sides peeled small potatoes. Be sure to close the top with a thick foil. Bake the dish until almost ready. Ten minutes to the end of the foil to remove, pull out all the greens and pour a little cream on the bottom. The surface of the bird can be smeared with honey to form a crust. Immediately serve on the table.

As a festive and very hearty dishcan make a chicken with mushrooms in a pot. In order to make it, you need to divide the bird into medium pieces, cutting out the spine; put it out almost until ready with a bow, so that the juice appears. Cut potato with medium straw. Champignons it is better to take small ones and fry them in a saucepan until the juice appears. Now we start to fill the pots. Bottom and walls grease, first lay the chicken with onions, then mushrooms, and on top - potatoes. Pour the pots with a mushroom broth for 2/3 and cover with a lid. Cover the top with a mixture of sour cream and grated cheese for about ten minutes until ready. All - chicken with mushrooms is ready.

One of the most original, yet complex recipeswill be preparing a roll of poultry with the addition of mushrooms and garlic. To make the chicken with mushrooms tasty, you will need to choose the freshest ingredients. The bird should not have any unpleasant odors; In the case of pressing the pulp, the meat should quickly restore its shape. Mushrooms are needed small, because they are always sweeter. We begin to prepare a roll. First you need to cut off the wings and tail, and then remove the skin very carefully, to avoid the appearance of ruptures. Next, clean all the meat from the bones and roll it along with one bulb through a meat grinder. Chop mushrooms finely with a knife and a few cloves of garlic, fry a bit and send to chicken mince. Now you can mix everything thoroughly by adding egg, salt and pepper. Carefully fill the skin and sew the remaining holes with white thread. Obtained raw rolls can be frozen. To feed the same table to boil them in salted water for about forty minutes, pull out of the broth and put under the press. To cut and serve it is necessary to dish cold.