Combination of fat with hot garlic and freshgreens - the taste familiar to all. What associations does it cause? Someone immediately remember a children's trip to the nearest forest, someone - a gathering in the student hostel or a quiet family dinner ...

lard with garlic through a meat grinder

In the hike, at the cottage, on the festive table ...

More than one hundred years fat accompanies a personeverywhere. It is perfectly stored, has a universal taste, does not require complicated preparation for long-term transportation (as, for example, shujuq). It can quickly warm up the food. A slice of fat can lubricate a leaking shoe or creaking door, which takes it beyond the ordinary food. And when someone thought up skipping lard with garlic through a meat grinder, it became even more convenient! Firstly, for this recipe, raw lard is excellent, which is completely annealed in a chopped state in a few hours. Secondly, in addition to direct sandwich, such pate can be added to the first dishes and side dishes, giving them an amazing aroma and taste. No wonder this dish is so popular among tourists and students. But on the festive table, you can often find this dish.

Cooking lard with garlic

For cooking, salty and rawfat. On the basis of which product is selected, the amount of salt that you need (or does not need) to add to the pate depends. In addition, if you skip salted lard with garlic through a meat grinder, then you can serve it right away. The raw cheese needs to stand for at least 12 hours.

For the dish is suitable even the most inexpensive fat,thin, without meat layers. It is usually from this and prepare this pâté. But do not think that the presence of meat somehow can hurt. It's only a matter of taste.

lard with garlic and pepper

The process of cooking is simple. Salo should be cut into bars, garlic cleaned. The proportions of products are arbitrary, and much depends on raw materials. After all, there is such a sharp garlic that one tooth is worth a whole head! You need to try everything by adding salt and spices to your taste.

So, the products are prepared. It remains to skip lard with garlic through a meat grinder and carefully stir the resulting pâté.

Let's add flavors

In the dish, you can add other ingredients. For example, fresh greens. Perfectly suitable for common parsley and dill. Even with lard a cress-salad is not bad. A bunch of spinach will not only add a wonderful green color, but also enrich with vitamins. Many people are wondering whether it is worth skipping lard with garlic through a meat grinder along with greens. It is better not to do this, otherwise the screw will squeeze out all the juices from the tender leaves. It is better to cut the greens with a knife.

Often the pate is added and the most diverseseasonings. A lot of spices come to sala - from dried tomatoes to exotic asafetida. You can use the ready-made set of seasonings "For lard" or choose your own blend.

Alternative method

Prepare the pâté from lard with garlic and without the help of a meat grinder. Moreover, many believe that such a method is better.

pate of greens with garlic

It consists in grinding the ingredients withusing an ordinary kitchen knife. And it is better than two knives - sharp and dull. Acute is used in the first stage, when lard needs to be cut into pieces. But to knock on it, crushing the ingredients, it is better to knife, sharpened not too carefully. Do not think that this method is labor-intensive. The process takes approximately the same time as cranking through a meat grinder with its subsequent washing. Together with bacon it is possible to crumble and greens, then the pate will be bright green.

Product combination and layout

Served with pate with white and black bread,block, pita. You can spread it on thin lavash, roll up rolls and cut into small pieces. Sometimes such pate stuffs baskets, profiteroles, valovany.

lard with garlic

Salo with garlic and pepper fits perfectly withhome-made pickles, fresh seasonal vegetables, sauerkraut, Korean salads, mushrooms, sea cabbage. It fits almost any garnish.