Many people spend a whole year waiting for oneevening, or rather one cherished night. It's about the New Year. After all, on this night it is accepted to believe that all your desires can come true, for it is the time of miracles and the fulfillment of your most cherished desires. The same can be said about the festive table, because you spend the whole day in the kitchen and all just to enjoy the most delicious and delicious dishes at night, the recipes of which you managed to collect for the whole year. And it does not matter at all that you will have a lot of time and money to do this, since this night must become truly magical, and it should be so in everything. That is why you should carefully choose the dishes that you are going to prepare, including salads for the New Year.

Salads are the food that must be cookedfast, easy, but at the same time be extremely beautiful and delicious. So simple New Year salads are wonderful, but not for you. This night should be remembered for a long time not only by the fine mood, the sea of ​​smiles and beautiful gifts, but also by amazing snacks and salads, over which you "conjured" the whole day.

So, salads on the New Year's table. First of all, you need to find out the preferences of your home and guests who will attend the New Year celebrations. All this you need to ensure that there is not such that someone does not eat meat or fish, and you only have meat and fish dishes. So, now you have everything to start the most difficult, namely to begin to prepare. However, for the cooking process not to be a burden to you, attach your whole family to this business and you can even arrange a small competition. For example, who faster to clean eggs or cut carrots. Prepare appropriate prizes for the winner.

Here they are, salads for the New Year. If you plan to meet the New Year together with your second half, then you will get a salad for loved ones. For its preparation you will need one jar of canned fish, one onion, four eggs and two carrots. All the ingredients must be rubbed on a medium grater, but with a fork. Salad is prepared in layers, each is smeared with mayonnaise. In order to give some originality, lay out the layers can be in the form of a bottle of champagne.

Or maybe some more interesting salads onNew Year? Ideal salad for your evening can be a salad "Candle". To do this, take two boiled potatoes and grate them. Add two hundred grams of ground chicken fillet, pre-mixed with fried onions. Boil and chop three eggs. After that, put all the ingredients on a plate with a thick layer, decorate with grated cheese on top, add a little mayonnaise. Decorate the salad with dill, boiled carrots, grated egg and pieces of Bulgarian red pepper.

Also you can please your family and friendsdelicious salad "New Year's Ball." All ingredients are laid out in separate layers, each of them is greased with mayonnaise or sour cream. So, you need one boiled chicken ham (cut into cubes), a glass of prunes (cut into strips), five boiled eggs, diced, two carrots (can be raw), three hundred grams of fried mushrooms, half a can of canned corn and green peas. For decoration, you can use green onions, parsley.

Thus, these salads for the New Year will bethe highlight of your evening and will bring you a lot of compliments from your relatives and guests. Pleasure yourself and your loved ones with new delicacies. Let the festive table "burst" from the beauty and abundance of the original dishes. You will be envied by any skilful culinary specialist who has learned what delicious salads you have prepared or are going to prepare for a festive New Year's table.